Shift in ICE policy

Leaked ICE memo directs agents to take action with any undocumented immigrant encountered Immigrants and advocates have long known that there has been a shift in deportation policy, but journalist Marcelo Rochabrun in Propulica recently shared a leaked Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) memo which confirms suspicions that ICE is targeting all undocumented immigrants indiscriminately now. This memo… Read More Shift in ICE policy

Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? (Book Review)

A collection of incarcerated journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal’s writings from the past 20 years Mumia Abu-Jamal is an American journalist and former Black Panther Party member currently serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison. In 1982 Abu-Jamal was sentenced to prison for the death of a police officer was on death row for almost 20 years… Read More Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? (Book Review)