About the Blog 

This blog is a platform I am using as a conversation piece, and also a vehicle to make accessible the different movements, cultures and people of the world and to spark conversation about the interconnectivity, or lack of, found. Through my writing I focus on refugee and immigrant rights, cultural competency, criminal justice reform and travel.

A lot of the experiences in this piece have brought me to the edge of my limits, learning a lot about myself, as well as the world around me. I try to go to places that others are uncomfortable going, so as to give you the experience through literature, which I believe is a powerful medium. I hope to share all this with you in as authentic a form as I know how, while also keeping it polished so that you’ll keep coming back.

I began this blog when I studied abroad in England in college. I have since continued to blog through the years while living in a Co-op, working at a coffee shop, doing AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), working in Barrow, Alaska, Northern California, Oregon, working in a refugee resettlement office in Kansas City, as well as my process of getting enmeshed within the social justice circles of the city, all the time trying to better cover experiences to the beat of intersectionality (what happens when forms of discrimination combine, overlap and intersect.)

I am working to learn about people and the world, and I want to share as I go. Please share your comments as we can always learn from one another.

About the Author

As an intersectional feminist, pacifist and humanist writer from the American Midwest, my mission is to meet the people of our global community and give voice to those not being heard. I aim to constantly challenge myself with new places, people and culture so as to express the beauty of our diverse world while engaging dialogue and action toward intersectional social justice.  

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