Viacrusis de Refugiados/ Refugee Caravan: Week 2

Ongoing story following the public journey of Central American migrants to the US border

The Refugee Caravan is a group of migrants traveling together across Mexico and to the US border in a peaceful protest. The group left Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala, on April 9th, and plans to arrive in Tijuana, Mexico around the first week of May. The Refugee Caravan is being organized and supported by the collaboration of activist groups Pueblo Sin Froteneras and Cultura Migrante. You can read about their first week on the road here.


During the Refugee Caravan’s second week on the road the group was delaying in Mexico City awaiting the arrival of the rest of their group via the trains. While in Mexico City the Refugee Caravan was met with media attention.

The group travels not just to reach a destination, but to spread a message. Below is a video showcasing the protest march in action, carried throughout the Refugee Caravan migration journey.

Experience the spirit of the group in the video below, as Caravan participants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and other Central American countries introduce themselves after a long day. One participant shares joy of their journey together through song, and soon the rest of the Caravan participants are singing national anthems from their homelands together.


You can help support the Caravan financially at their Fundrazr site by clicking here. They have a goal of $5,000 to support the migrants and the organizers’ efforts.

If you’re not able to support the Caravan financially, spreading the world and supporting the Caravan publicly is just as helpful. You can follow the organizers of the Caravan (Pueblo Sin Froteneras and Cultura Migrante)   on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, IMM Print will continue to follow the Refugee Caravan’s story.

In addition, if you are able to participate in an action on the US/Mexico border on May 7th in support of the Refugee Caravan, you can find more information here.18193920_1728252447201449_7972306419376772899_n.jpg


Help Hugo Castro 

Immigrant rights activist from San Diego and volunteer coordinator for the nonprofit Border Angels went missing last week on his way to Mexico City to meet up with the Refugee Caravan.

Thankfully, due to international activism and pressure, he was found. He is currently in the hospital in critical condition though, and donations to him can be made through


For more updates from the Refugee Caravan, you can now sign up here, and also continue to follow this story on IMM Print, a blog produced by CIVIC (Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement). 


All photo credit goes to Pueblo Sin Froteneras and Cultura Migrante.

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