#MostBoringPresident of the U.S.

Trump won his fame for being a reality TV star, but where is the surprise? The administration has turned out to be predictable. As far as I see, Trump is carrying out the typical corporate, capitalistic, nationalistic agenda, playing into conservative family values emotions which is what the U.S. has been doing for its entire history of colonization, greed and fear.

Maybe calling Trump the most boring president ever would be the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, and force him to really shake things up and suddenly become a spontaneous social justice advocate who reads bell hooks and attempts to grow as a feminist and humanist. Maybe the headlines tomorrow will read,

“Trump having worldview breakdown as he discovers his own cis-hetero white male privilege.”

That’s when the Trump show, and the American presidency and political sphere in general will be something to watch again. That’s when it will get juicy, when Trump begins to actively clash with traditional “American (Economic) interests” and begins to focus on existential issues. It will begin to be worth our time to watch when Trump begins begging the nation to unpack race relations with him. To unpack gender with him. To unpack American history, leaving the standard textbook narrative behind and focusing on the voices of the marginalized communities.

But as long as he’s spouting promotion for the same shit that has been going on in America for its entire history

of genocide against Native peoples, slavery of Africans brought to America, scapegoating immigrants, objectifying women and glorifying war as the answer to end all answers and make big money for business,

then I’m done watching.

I find it much more useful to engage with the people of the world around me, and to learn and grow as we communicate with one another and find new ways to support and help one another live life to the best of our abilities. I’m done with the show, and I’m ready for real life again. I’m not ignoring what’s happening on the national stage, I am disgusted by what’s happening in America politically and socially. But, for Mr. Trump’s benefit, I am going to say that I’m bored with it. This disrespect for basic human rights and dignity is nothing new, and it’s time for some newness in America. And if he’s a real reality TV star, he will realize that this means it’s time to shake up his act.

But we have to lead him, because after all Trump is not a leader but a follower. We have to create a new framework for success in America, new idols to worship, new ways of life to standardize.

Let’s start creating a new culture around us everyday,

and have belief that this new culture we are creating will reach the top in the future. He’s needs us to watch him every night, and if he’s dependent on our attention (whether good or bad), that means he’ll do what he needs to keep our attention.

For now, we need to protect the people of the world, and stand in solidarity and love. And we need to take the remote and turn off the show, which is the ultimate aggression toward Donald Trump.

If we’re not watching, he’s not really living.

If we’re not watching, he’s going to have to find a way to make us watch again, because his life depends on it. And he’s going to realize that the only way to get us to watch again is if he adorns the White House in peace flags, turns the keys to his office over to the masses, and heads out to a local library to pick up some radical, pacifist, feminist, culturally competent, international and all inclusive literature and manifestos.


Photo Credit: http://static4.businessinsider.com/image/56c640526e97c625048b822a-480/donald-trump.jpg


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