Fishtown Sunset


A bird pooped in my beer?

No way of knowing

Spoiled fish leaking all over van

Breathing in the powder of processed factory sugar

Salmonella sliced cheese

Can’t be sure


I don’t

Cry 15 minutes alone

Then eat it. No other choice.

Meat grinder by the register at hippie store

Over a cross generational feminist conversation

A nice lunch.

Invited for Somali food.

What happens to all the raw chicken.

Elderly lady with short hair and cigarette voice feeding small birds off her stoop

“They never come up to me”

One can of coke in her non bread crumb hand


Empty box of whole wheat pasta

Guerrilla head and a

Bottle of bleach in the window

Who walks home alone

Sleeping in alleys

Leaking air vents

And a cat.

Crying baby.

12 year old walking a dog with a drunk 40 year old man

A boy fixing a fence


Eagles and America.

Where’s Somalia?

Squirrels running the length of the sidewalk

Puma shirt on the other side

The art over the fear

Push it all over

Two boys eating dinner on a piano bench on the sidewalk

Mac and cheese and a chicken leg

While they’re ordering mussels back at the bar


What kind of pride?

I’m walking the streets of Philly at 7 pm on a Sunday

It’s about to rain

I have to pee.


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