The Plan

The plan is to make it to Seattle by the end of the week, and the continue heading north.

I’ve found campsites along the way– we’re planning on staying near Redding, CA. Then outside of Portland, OR. And then outside of Seattle, WA. We’re going to enjoy the cities during the day, but stay at the campsites at night.

We’re thinking we might just head up to Canada, now that we’re on the road. Check out Vancouver. Head over to Calgary. And then start down to Montana- Kalispell, Missoula, and then Bozeman. 

Then I’ll be heading back by myself– down through Wyoming to Fort Collins, CO. I’ll stay with Monica, and visit Pat in Denver. Then I’ll head on back to Kansas City. 

We’re giving ourselves a budget of $5 a day. Which has not been happening so far, but today was a test try. I spent about $20 at the grocery store. And then blew $5 on coffee. We’re currently at Temple coffee with the Atlas spread out on the big wooden tables. Ben is drawing, and I’m researching.

There is a guy at the coffee counter heading to Kansas– to work for Kansas State in Manhattan, KS. Political science. Go figure. You try to get lost in the world, but you can never get away.

We are squatting on the American River tonight… we didn’t reserve it soon enough. So we were told we would just have to take our chances with the rangers. We are taking our chances. Heading to set up a tent in the dark and eat peanuts for dinner. 


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