We Did It

Four flights

2,576 miles

Two panic attacks

Two new pilot friends

Free wine and cookies

And a few revelations later…

We’re all back in Sacramento.

I honestly didn’t think we were going to get back.

I thought we would die in Barrow, Alaska.

Or right on the outskirts of Sacramento.

But we didn’t.

We’re here.

I’m pretty sure my mother is the only reason that I made it back to Sacramento.

Flash back to last night- the wind woke me up multiple times it was howling so loudly. It terrified me, as I felt like the weather hadn’t been that bad the whole time we had been in Barrow. I convince myself that I’m probably just imagining it, just scaring myself before the flight in the morning.

Wake up in the morning and make coffee, and Carinne is going on about the wind.

“I hope we can fly out of here with the wind like this– it’s terrifying…brutal…”

Then Alyssa walks in, “Good morning, lovelies. I had the most terrifying dream last night! We were all in a car, and George was driving it… and then he fell asleep… and the next thing I know we’ve crashed into a swamp, and I’m trying to get out of the door but I can’t… and then I woke up. I almost started crying!”

I take all of this to mean that I should not set foot on that plane in a few hours. I grab my phone and my coffee, and take a walk to consult my soothsayer mother.

She tells me to get the fuck on the plane, in more or less words.

I tell her I know, but I’m super scared.

She tells me that I need to get the fuck on that plane again, in more or less words.

And I know she is terrified that I will not get on that plane. And I will trap myself in the Arctic for the rest of my life because I can’t find a drug strong enough to knock me out for the duration of a flight.

At some point, I start laughing with the girls in the apartment again. And then my brother sends me a picture of shit. And then my Mom sends me inspirational quotes that I had written on the walls of my childhood home. And then I proceed to have a stimulating, social and thoroughly entertaining day with the people of the world.

I almost teared up as we landed in Sacramento tonight- it was so beautiful to get back to something that we know. And I had to restrain myself from jumping on the cabin crew and giving them big bear hugs for getting us back.

But most of that credit does have to go to my Mom. But man, those Arctic winds are scary as shit to build yourself up to flying out in. But the ride turned out to be pretty smooth- Alaska Air knows what they’re doing. Ironically, the most turbulent ride was the one in the lower 48- from Seattle to Sacramento.


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