Arctic off-shore drilling hits home in Barrow, Alaska

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Reading the news and found the above article online today– a pretty accurate portrayal of my experience with the people and the culture here. And the oil controversy.

“Save the Whales… For Dinner.” The painted trashcan pictured in the article is down the street from my house.

One correction: The author describes the people as Inupiaq, when the correct word is Inupiat. Inupiaq with the “q” is the language, and with a “t” you refer to the people.

Arctic off-shore drilling hits home in Barrow, Alaska

These ladies are writing you to tell you about some bullshit in Barrow. The project we have completed so far includes helping poison the community, while keeping them the fuck off of L’s lawn. We have tried to make this a better experience for ourselves, but have found that fairly hard to do since we have Satan as our sponsor. Along with her sidekick Pro-GMO. The only way to prevent us from shitting on L’s lawn is to send our asses back to mother fuckin’ Sac.


(Credit to Lyss x)



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