Solidarity and Sand

So today the girls were collecting sand from the beach in buckets, to bring back to Laura’s house for the garden.

“Why don’t we just fill the bed of the truck, wouldn’t that be faster?”

“No, we just want to do a few buckets at a time.”

A little while later, the girls realize that the native police have been watching them the whole time, from around the corner.

And Heather turns to Laura and asks, “…are we allowed to be doing this?”

“…yeeeeeaaahhh… as long as we’re not taking enough to cover a driveway or something…”

We took about 10 buckets last week. And they took 15 today. And she said they have about 5 more trips to the beach to collect sand.

Heather called the police later, and gave her name. Asking if what we were doing was okay.

And tomorrow I plan on being Nancy Drew as I work on the portfolio. I’m going to stop by the Inupiat authority offices in town, and the college, and the IUC, and try to figure out what’s going on in this city. And how we fit into it all, or don’t fit into it all.

We want to be legal and safe. And we’re going to make sure it is that way.

“I think they were expecting us to be mindless worker bees when we got here.”

‘Yeah. And now they’re like shit, we have to justify ourselves now”

“I can see it in your eyes when you’re about to write something down, Annie,” Alyssa comments as I type away. Periodically looking up and catching enough of Fifty Shades of Grey to make a snarky comment and plan Jess, Syd, Alyssa and I’s parody version we’re going to create. We are cracking each other up. And also talking about real shit, and gender dynamics, and people dynamics, and then it comes back to the sand. And the people here. And we cannot escape the politics and intriguing madness of Barrow, even with S & M playing on the TV screen.

Syd and I had a moment just now, hysterically laughing at one another. And the sand. Jess and Alyssa just staring at us. Sand and solidarity and seedy behavior. It all makes sense. Nothing makes sense.

Checking out to check in.

I sold myself on it.

I’m here, finally.

I am fully, completely and irredeemably in Barrow, Alaska for the next four weeks.

Whatever that entails.

And I’m going to write it all. And grow from it all. And lose myself in an artist rabbit hole with Carinne. And personal growth and freedom with Alyssa. And fuck-it-all-and-have-fun with Jess. And conquering some of my deepest fears of infectious diseases, spanning from early childhood, the first issue I ever got stuck on, with Syd. The first thing I ever overcame in life. Going to have to figure out how to do that all over again.

And live.

I’m here.

I’m moving back to the girls’ apartment.

I’ve not been feeding myself in the boys’ apartment, anyway. Woke up this morning feeling like absolute shit. Tried to sleep more to feel better, even though I knew I felt bad because I was hungry. Finally got up and navigated the pile of dirty dishes and raw chicken to make some eggs.

Feel a lot better.

Tony’s coming today. And I don’t want to cause anymore trouble. Plus, I miss my support system back across the lagoon.


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