Running, Rodeos and Chinese Restaurants

So it’s Saturday. I’m at camping with a few people out at our old campsite. It’s been really relaxing and fun. Last night we went out in search of a gas station, and stumbled into a rockin’ rodeo dance club instead. It was interesting to say the least. And ran into four other people we knew from the program– in this random bar on the outskirts of town. Drank Shiner’s all night and a bowlful of sweet potato tots.

And that was my last Friday night in California for awhile.

Today we woke up early with the sun, cooking in our tents. And made it out to breakfast. And then made it to the capitol park to take a nap.

And now we’re at the Naked Lounge coffee shop, and I’m downloading music and trying to write.


I met a boy.

Silly, silly timing.

Perfect timing, I would also argue. Keeping me really distracted from myself.

And then we hung out the other night, and it was pretty apparent we are very similar, while also very different in intriguing ways.

Six days til I fly off to Alaska for the summer.

I’ve lost focus of my writing, which I’m not happy about. It really is like everything happens at once. The world begins moving so much faster when you finally find your own groove and your own purpose.

I can still use all of these people experiences for my art, but that means I need to take time immediately after to do that. And I have not been doing that.

I’m not finding the flow in my writing. I’m so distracted. So much is going on. And I can barely keep up.

I’ve been running everyday though, and it’s been amazing. This waking up at 6 am and not being able to fall back asleep has really benefited me in that way.

The heat. The heat is back. I’m loving up this sunshine.

Yesterday I asked all the girls halfway through the day if they wanted to do our traditional Asian food getaway dinner tonight, and there was a resounding yes.

And at the end of the day, we cleaned the vans. And then we had to take them to the car wash. And guess who took the vans to the car wash, without even noticing it? All five of us girls. Always.

Our girls are such leaders and don’t take any bullshit, while also being highly empathetic and understanding. And our boys just kind of are along for the ride.

And we talked about it last night at dinner, and realized we couldn’t have it any other way. And how terrifying we must seem from afar– this unified front of five independent girls now tied together by blood. We have each other’s back like no other, and we always do exactly as each of us individually want.

As we were walking to the Thai restaurant last night, Alyssa noted how each of us was dressed represented who we were. And how we all have different things going on, but we all flow together as one. Simply.

I’m wearing my black yoga pants, black tank top and a dark scarf with a little color. And then Carinne is wearing a huge pink tie-dyed t-shirt over shorts, stereotypical howling wolves melded with giant growing trees as one on her shirt. And Alyssa is wearing John Lennon sunglasses, with a sundress and her septum nose piercing giving her outfit the exact amount of radical needed.  And Sydney is wearing her big red and black  flannel sweat shirt over shorts, with our big black combat boots that she never takes off. And then there is Jess, wearing her silken genie pants and minimal shirt– ripped up so that her entire back is exposed.

And we just waltz into the Thai food place. I get two orders and take one home. And then the owner, T, immediately lights up when we walk in. And tells me to tell my parents thank you so much for the Christmas card! And as we are leaving he reminds me again to thank my parents for the lovely card, and then he says, wait, let me bribe you to remember.

And he runs back, and grabs these melon Popsicles for us all. And waves us goodbye. And we are all in love with him, and he is the sweetest man. And we decide we have to come back before we leave for Alaska.

At the coffeeshop this morning. And lovely pacifistic Kansas boy walks in. He’s so nice. And informed. He told me the other day, while we were at parade together, that he feels like we lead parallel lives.

We really do.

He’s just got a job in Guatemala for after this. So I hope that our lives continue to be similar. Country hopping, people loving peace loving independent journalists.


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