Crunch Time


We’re headed back to the flea infested campus to meet up with the other teams tomorrow.

And then we’re flying off to Alaska.

Half of my luggage bag is going to be lentils.

I am going to have the most radical diet challenge of my life up there.

Also, was researching Barrow last night. And it’s called the canary of global warning. That the biggest of evidence of global warming can be seen in Barrow. How the sea ice is melting, and the polar bears natural habitat is begin destroyed. And there are more polar bears wandering into town than ever before.

When I was walking around downtown last week, I met this woman who was a refugee from China for being a practicer of Falun Dafa. Really interesting conversations.

My supervisor asked me today how I’m going to handle that, and I said I’d do it fine. Just like I do everything I want to do. I’ll make it work.

And in the meantime, I’m flying on intellectual and artistic inspiration. Sorry I haven’t been writing that much on this blog– got a lot going onto paper for me, but not a lot fully formed enough to broadcast on the internet.

I feel like I’m piecing myself together right now. Or rather, stocking up on inspiration for a new direction. It’s time for some new goals, and a clear focus. And I’m working on clearing the way for that right now.

Like I’m clearing out cobwebs in my mind, and all around me.

Last night before bed, I leaned over in a corner in the kitchen and grabbed my water bottle, and my faux hawk got stuck in a cob web. That’s a first. I had to pull myself out of it.

Falling in love with my team right now. They are still driving me crazy at times, but I’m realizing that we won’t be living in the same room anymore in just another few months. We’ll be off on our own individual journeys in life.

And it’s going to be a big shock for all of us, because while we’re all independent people, we’ve really gotten used to having a posse around us all year. For better or for worse.

Yesterday I was having the worst morning, and working with Carinne. And started crying a few times, because there is stress in the air, and we’ve got so much to do in the next week and a half. And I slept through muster, and she had to come wake me up in my tent at 6:30, me running to our meeting. Not a good start. And I was feeling really bad about myself, because this is not a new thing for me. Being on time for work, just waking up for work in general has always been a challenge for me. And she made some coffee, and we drank coffee and she listened to me and built me back up as we worked on the signs along the trail alone together.

She is so beautiful, and knows how to make people feel special like no other.

She told me the nicest things later that day, how she doesn’t know what I’m going to do after this, or for the rest of my life, but she knows, whatever I’ll do, I’ll be moving mountains. She said she’s never met anyone with such a clear idea of who I am, and what I believe in.

Made me want to cry all over again.

And she told me how I was the person who made her feel the most comfortable when she first met me. And how when she talks to me it makes her want to be a revolutionary activist in the world, as well as take a spiritual quest within herself.

And we talked about life and sipped our coffee and finished the signs on the trail. And then we watered the baby trees at the campsite.

She told me she’s never in her life met an Annie. And I told her I’d never in my life met another Carinne, either. Wildflower. x

And then Jess drove me to the doctor, and we were kind of tense because of a situation that happened last night which is hilarious in hindsight, and I will write about it later, but after my appointment she cracked me up with the wittiest, socially inappropriate, feminist flavored and absurd comments.

I love the ladies on this team. They are so, so special. Each in their own way. And I can’t even compare them. We’ve all got some similar undercurrent going on that binds us together, but each of us explores it in our own, fantastic way. We are all so unique with our own wandering directions.

Carinne just got a shirt in the mail from her uncle with the quote, “Not all who wander are lost” and she wears it everyday now.

And that’s how I would describe the wonderful women I’ve got the chance to spend the past eight months with, and will be moving to Alaska with.

Always wandering, but never lost.


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