Earwigs and Early Commutes

Earwigs. All over. These are the things that fall in veils of bug communities off the shower doors. And when we fall asleep in our tents at night– scurrying under our sleeping bags because they love dark spaces.

Carinne woke up with one in her hair yesterday.


Photo Credit http://farm1.static.flickr.com/201/521564368_982c1054c8.jpg?v=0

I cannot stand the way people burp here. It’s like forced out, and long and drawn out.


From everyone on the team except Carinne, Tony, Sydney and I.

Gross gross gross.

And never ending.

I find it offensive and I’ve said so. And they just continue to say that they can’t help it.

But it’s literally shoved out of their mouth on the hour.

Ricky and I passed out in the car this morning.

Ricky and I have been bonding so much lately. Someone I never really spoke to on the team in the beginning, but right now one of my favorites.

It’s funny how things are always changing.



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