Sacramento Quotes

George! Why are you putting your shirt on the tortillas?

10:30 at night. Carinne yelling. George has just popped his large MRSA bubble on his waist. And we have no disinfectant. And he’s throwing his dirty clothes on the food as he makes a snack.

I’ve got to take a shower. I’m smelling like a mutant goat right now.


Oh, that is clever. I like that measuring spoon for your cereal.

Gotta know how much is in each bite.


*H hobbling over to the bathroom

“My ass is bleeding. Been acting up lately. Chafing.”

“H, go to the doctor. It’s been like that for months!”

“We all had them on our butts. Why are they on our butts?”

“Where was yours, B?

“Oh. My ass.”

-4/11 teammates have had ass cysts since Willits.

“The medication should be coming in a few days. I told S she could have some, and you could have some too. Take it like twice a week and you should be good.”

“Yeah. We can share it, like a team medication.”

Monday night soup making conversations. I’m not involved, in case you’re wondering.

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