Deer Creek Hills

Carinne and I painted the background and drew the illustrations for the riverside trail at the camp on Friday. It was so much fun, and I was good at it! We both were. Great team.

Went off by myself and sang to the turkeys. Tapping into different creative outlets I’ve not really ever used.

Today at Deer Creek Hills. A long day.

And then at the end of the day we did our informational interview with Fred. We do an interview with someone we’ve met every round. It’s part of my job on the team to set it up. And everytime we’ve had one, we’ve made the person we were interviewing cry. And we joked it would happen again.

And we got most the way through it, and it was okay, and then he stopped. And couldn’t talk anymore. And he had started to tear up. And he apologized, “This is Fred!” And we’re like, it’s okay! And he’s got big tears rolling down his cheeks, and we all almost started crying. Makes me cry just thinking about it.

-Our first interview was with the cafe owner in Silverton. She was so sweet– the one who gave us our Thanksgiving dinner. And she cried as she told us her story, and told us how beautiful it was that we were all being each other’s family this year.

And then the second interview was in Willits with Deb. Deb was not our sponsor– just a lifetime member of the community who fixed dinner with us. She was my favorite– 60 and never lived outside the community but for a few years. Yet she was one of the most open people there— for not knowing strangers her whole life, she really made me feel at home. And she told us about her life, and cried when she told us how she’d never really gotten the chance to get close to a big group of people like us in such a short time.

And then there was Fred. And he told us about his life as a Peace Corps volunteer, and his life lived in central America for the next thirty years as a stay at home Dad. And he started telling us how he ended up being a scout master, and how he must not have been so bad, because ten of them awarded him as their mentor. And he started crying.

It’s a really cool thing what we get to do– touch so many different people in different ways. Give them a chance to really focus on themselves as they are in the middle of 11 new faces.

And then we drove home. Left an hour late, and getting back into town around rush hour. And got in a car crash. Pile up of small cars behind us, thankfully.

A little bit shaken up.

Went out by the river and cried a little bit.

And then felt great and took a shower. Didn’t even mind all the bugs fleeing the cracks as I opened the door.

Water went out in the middle of my shower as per usual, and I yelled out the shower for someone to turn the water on please. And Dre had my back.

Then came in and enjoyed a delicious Mexican food dinner by Dre and Carinne.

And Heather fixed Jess and I’s tent, which had blown away again.

We put stakes in it now.


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