Food Not Bombs

Wake up in our collapsing tent ten minutes before work. Run to the lodge, and fly around brushing teeth and putting on clothes.

And then we’re off on the road.

Carinne’s driving and I’m riding shotgun. She’s cheers-ing the truck drivers on the road with her whale coffee mug, and jamming to Madonna on the radio.

We’re driving through the city of Sacramento, past all the sky scrapers, and then right on out of the city– hitting prairie and farms.

We drive out past the the Sutter Farms vineyard, and make up scenarios of running away off into the vineyards. Get sprayed in the face with irrigation systems spouting lake water that smells like fish, and hug each other in our dripping clothes for moral support.

We move to another site and plant trees for the rest of the afternoon: Valley Oak, Live Oak, Willows and Cotton Wood trees.

After work we volunteered with Food Not Bombs. We prepared and shuttled the food to Cesar Chavez park and set up tables while people started lining up. It was one of the coolest things I’ve done in awhile– completely forgot how hungry I was and found joy in feeding these hundreds of homeless people hanging out in the park.

And talking with the people. Food Not Bombs mission is solidarity, not charity. It’s really beautiful. Talking about real life with these homeless people in a safe, community environment. Realize they’re just people. With chihuahuas and Hare Krishna beliefs.

And we all eat together.

Met this guy named Larry who was about my age, telling me about his home in the north of India. His chants, and his beliefs. He gave me a booklet. He’s from LA, just stuck in Sacramento until he gets enough money to travel back. Super intelligent and engaging. And humble. I couldn’t tell if he was actually homeless, or just chatting with the homeless people because they were people, too.

We made an assembly line in the park. Everyone lined up, and we served them. Free and easy. Make everyone’s day. “God Bless you.”

I was in charge of the drinks. Always get the drinks. Love serving drinks.

I was serving hot tea, water, and juice. And handing out the sugar for the black tea, and a little extra something something for the kool aide.

Cleaning up, I was carrying the box of dirty dishes back to the van. And the bottom of the box gives out. The whole park hears it. George starts clapping from across the road.

And Larry, the guy from LA runs over and helps me pick up the dishes. And then two other homeless guys come over and lean down and start helping me pick them up, too. It was really beautiful, you know. Makes me want to cry. We’re all just people. We all want to help and be helped, no matter where we sleep, or how much money we have.

Food Not Bombs from 9:30-2:30. Then came home, and passed out til 7:30. Woke up and whole team was gone, thankfully Jess was left in the lodge because she had been asleep all day too. We were both passed out in our tent the majority of the day. At one point Carinne came in and unzipped our tent trying to get Jess to come out and go for a canoe right, and we were both just shaking our heads and waiting for people to go away in that half conscious state.

Fell back asleep and woke up in a pile of my own drool four hours later. And my waterbottle had also spilled all over the bottom of the tent.

Picked up Alyssa around nine, and we drove around downtown and on the interstate. The city is actually beautiful at night, the sparkling towers all clustered together that you drive over on the spaghetti highway. I mentioned how we all fell in love with Sacramento a little bit this past few months. And Alyssa and Jess agreed.


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