Black Widows and Windows

Jess is so sweet.

Her and Dre are always posted up in the corner, they are pretty much dating now.

I don’t usually talk just to talk anymore, but I come over before my interview and talk to them, trying to get into a good mood before I meet twenty people via skype. And then fly away after three minutes or so when George walks over.

Jess comes peeking out the front of the lodge ten minutes later, “Annie. You coming back?”

I say I’ll be back in a few minutes. Just have to finish something I say, as I manically type away filling out a leave request.

And I come back in, and Jess is telling me how she was just comparing me to a butterfly. How I only stop by for a few moments, and when I do you just have to sit back and listen and enjoy me before I fly away again. You have to be calm and quiet or else you’ll scare me off. And she was trying to figure out what had “scared” me off, and had concluded it had been George.


She’s so sweet. She really loves me for exactly the flighty, busy and hardly ever social person that I am.

And then I went back to our tent to take a nap after my interview, and her and Dre wer in there. I passed out, and Dre left an hour later. I wake up to Jess hissing at Dre, “If you step on Annie I’ll kill you.”

She’s like my watchdog. She’s got my back. And she doesn’t mind that I’m always doing my own thing. She just enjoys me when I stop by.

Really sweet.

On another note– saw a black widow up close today. Have seen the big black shiny spiders before, but never saw the red hour glass, so thought they weren’t black widows. Come to find out today thought that the hour glass is ON THEIR BELLY. And that’s the reason why I never confirmed black widow sightings– because I was looking for the red on their back.

What use is a warning sign that’s on the bottom of a spider? Least visible area. But now I know, if it’s big and black and shiny, it’s gotta have the red on the belly. Isn’t any spider similar.

Listening to Sydney retell the story from Friday night.

So apparently Sydney was the only one home, around 10 pm at night or so.

And all of the sudden there are helicopters flying above and spotlights being shown down on our campsite.

And then there are people knocking on the lodge door with flashlights.

“Just to let you know, we are looking for someone on the loose.”

They’re looking in the warehouses, in our lodge, all over the campsite.

And Syd is terrified, and she puts one of our kitchen knives under her sweater, and waits.

And then she calls campus, and they come and ask her if she wants to come back with them. And she says no, but she would like the team back. And they bring everyone back. Helicopters going crazy in the sky above the river and our campsite. People all over with flashlights.

Walked in this morning to hear her telling that story again.



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