Kid Rock and Crusing

So we’re probably figuring out our last project in a few days.

Yesterday we met with our higher up, and she told us she could promise us that we won’t have as many volunteer opportunities where we are headed next as we have here. Whatever that means…

And then she was all concerned about asking us how we would coexist if we were thrown into an isolated area again… and we were like— we’ve been doing that the whole year before Sacramento.

So it kind of looks like we’re going to get thrown back out there again… somewhere…

At Deer Creek Hills for work.

Took the “shortcut” home, and it took us an hour to get out of the park, and then an hour home. People were getting carsick, and it was the bumpiest and most ridiculous ride of my life. At one point they had to get out with the ranger and build a bridge out of rocks and wood for our 15 passenger van to hurdle over the creek ridge– about a 70 degree incline.

After we were past the spontaneous makeshift ramp that I wouldn’t even drive a roughin’ it jeep over, all the girls got out to pee. And we turned our asses to the van, and peed on the dirt road, all in a line.

Ricky and I drove around tonight on a mission to pick Jess up— left at 10 and got back at 11:45. I took my laptop with directions downloaded, but they proved to be shit and soon we were all the way out at Elk Grove, leaving town.

So we had to manually go from 1st and Q, to 65th and Q. Middle of the night. We listened to this song on repeat. Everytime the cd player changed from track 3 to 4, we would hit the back button and go back.

And we just cruised.

Turns out you can’t just go straight down Q street, there are plenty of huge obstructions in the way, you have to maneuver various unpredictable one ways, ever changing. It was ridiculous. And the song kept playing. Care, By Kid Rock.

Carinne and I took showers out in the dark when I got back. She scared the shit out of me, hiding in the camp showers and jumping out to my returning screams.

And then Alyssa and Syd were cracking me up. They are so different, see a little bit of myself in each of them. But not quite. They are still so different than me, unique people, that they intrigue me with the directions their brains go. Alyssa is funny as shit. Her, Jess and Carinne need a tv show. Liberated, words and actions flowing free women.

And then this song. Been listening to it for two hours straight now. And you know what we turned on when we got back to the campsite.

Lots more stories from the day/weekend to tell. Crazy interaction with a beautiful person that makes me realize I need to take chances more when there is nothing to lose except pride. And to trust my intuition, because people are interested in meeting other people, we’re all just a little bit scared. Be the one that isn’t scared.


“Annie. Do I have melons?” -Ricky

“That movie was the coolest fucking movie I’ve ever seen in my life” -Ryan


Kid Rock, Care



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