Welcome Home

We’re at our camp for the next two and a half months. Pictured is the lodge where our kitchen is- it’s on stilts because we’re by the river and it floods.

There are many cotton wood trees out front, and weird red flowers look exactly like toilet bowl scrubs.

Got home and sat on my sleeping bag on the floor. Tried to slip my moccasins on and had to shake out a water cockroach. I’m not sure what they are or what to call them, but they are long and skinny and I have to sweep them off the floor before bed at night.

Went to take a shower. Unlocked the showers, and was greeted by a flood of water cockroaches, spilling out of the doorway. It was one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen in my life, could hardly believe it. They were a wall of roaches basically.

And they were falling off the top of the doorframe, falling on my shower towel and all.

Just stared for a minute, barely able to believe it. And then had to lock the door back up, the bugs still falling on me.

And then opened up another door. I’m not sure why, why I expected anything different. This shower had less bugs, it wasn’t the plethora of monoculture insects that I had been greet by a few doors down, but it was still really gross. And there was a brown spot toward the front of the shower that looked suspiciously like shit had sat there for a few days and then been water pressure washed off when the reggae’s left.

I’m sure it was shit, we had a lot worse things than that showing up in the showers.

This experience.

I’ve decided to stop censoring myself as much, and just write free about what our lives are like here. Because I know, when I look back on this, I’m going to want to know what was so challenging about it all. And if I sugarcoat my writing, I won’t be able to remember it right.

So here you are. Here’s my day.



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