Flat Tires and Peacocks

This happened. After volunteering at the women’s shelter yesterday, we realized we had a flat, flat, flat tire for the ride back. Turned out there was a screw in the tire.

And something that could have been really stressful turned out into one of the funniest things in the world.

Got it fixed in 15 minutes and were back on the road.

These guys drive me crazy, but I am so lucky to know them.

Woke up at 8:30 this morning, staring at the top of my tent. Not sure if I should get up or not, not sure what I would do once I got up.

Got up and made cinnamon coffee. A good place to start if you are lost. And then I brought all my belongings out on the front porch, and dumped them in a pile by the porch chair.

Laptop, books, notebooks, folders, more books, phone, purse and wallet, floss and toothbrush.

Became consumed by what I was reading, so excited and lost in the moment. Going to do it all day.

Carinne comes out, says she’s going to try and ask Matt if we can string purple Christmas lights out on the lodge porch. And then the peacocks started yelling. She asked me if my peacocks were that loud growing up, and I said yeah. That’s the peacock noise.

Getting bit up by mosquitoes, but going to try and stay out here all day reading.

On  Thursdays we work at Deer Creek Hills, setting posts with signage along the trail. It’s called Deer Creek Hills, about an hour outside of Sacramento. A nature reserve as well as a working, free range cattle ranch.

Gets hot.

Lots of wildlife. Beware of rattlesnakes, mountain lions, NRA radicals. Porta potty shot to bits regularly.

Work with a retired Peace Corps volunteer, Fred, who raised his kids in Central and South America, and then came back to the US to retire.


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