Up High Crowds

Picture out our kitchen window. Backstage passes for the weekened. Still setting up— starting when we get back from volunteering in town at the women’s shelter.

The weed vendor is straight back to the right.

On stage, right under the white square on stage is a giant prop joint. There is one on each side. They will light up and smoke during the weekend.

This is my life this morning.

Woke up with a headache from sleeping on the concrete floor in the lodge all night.

Hopped outside, finished my coffee, and began working on a tent for the festival with Ryan.

This dude walks over who’s helping set up the festival, and lets us know that we are setting up the 4/20 tent.

Laugh it off, it’s the joke that’s been going on all over the city. This reggae festival was planned for the weekend of 4/20, the annual green holiday.

Except he’s like, no, I’m serious. This is the 4/20 tent. And I asked him, oh, how you going to get away with that?

“This tent is for all the card holders (medical mj) and everyone else will just go smoke in the trees.”

This is real life. This is my job today. Setting up the city’s 4/20 tent in my backyard.

I’ll have to put up pictures. This is a legitimate, huge event. Supposed to be about 2,000 people here tomorrow, at minimum. And the park is so tiny– I wish I could show you it. It’s probably as big as a football field.

There is a barefooted alien cutout with robes and a beanie right by our bathrooms, and then the stage is literally built upon the lodge– right out our kitchen window. Built into our balcony.

Last night I was not wanting to sleep in the lodge, but something told me I should. Most the team was in the lodge, and our campsite is far down the field, with a bunch of construction workers setting up the stage into late into the night. Jess stayed in the tent, though. And came back to the lodge around 2 whenever a guy, who was told “That tent’s empty– just use it!” unzipped our tent with her in it and tried to climb in.

And things weren’t much better back at the lodge. Ryan woke up at 3 in the morning to someone walking in our kitchen door. They were only charging their phone it turned out.

Taking Alyssa to the dentist in an hour. Eating peanuts and dried cherries for lunch, and making beans for chili for myself tonight.


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