Reggae In the Backyard

After lunch I took Alyssa to the dentist.

While she was getting her wisdom teeth looked at, I called about my bills that have stacked up this year, with the different places I’ve been. And got insurance sorted a bit, at least dove into it. Got two taken care of, a couple more to go.

Wrote a letter back to Diana, who I’ve been meaning to write back to for quite awhile.

Drove home, back into “Fyah on the Water” reggae land. It was transformed. Every hour it’s getting closer. I can’t even tell you. The 4/20 tent that I built today, turned out it wasn’t just for people’s personal smoking usage. They’ve set it up with cool, worldly couches and sectioned the area off with a truck advertising and selling “Caviar Gold,” an LA based mj producer. There are probably a few other producers here as well. There are tons of little shops set up, selling all kinds of African ornaments, and hippie paraphernalia.

The peace sign-beanie wearing alien is still there, lit up with Christmas lights tonight, displaying the sign “Reggae Hills” with trees that look suspiciously like mushrooms all over the green hills, and swirls on his robes that have begun to look unmistakably like smoke rings.

The volunteers and campers are showing up tonight. It’s a party out there. They are still building up their massive stage with a crazy awesome light system. There are going to be fire shows, and all. So much weed. I can already smell it strong all over whenever I walk out to the bathrooms.

After we got back from the dentist, we changed clothes and headed to PT at the YMCA. I jumped in the swimming pool for the first ten minutes, Ryan, Ricky and Dre joined me. It was absolutely refreshing, and felt wonderful on my strained muscles after a long week.

Had an hour of PT, and didn’t want to have to go out tonight, so I used my exercise time to run down to the post office and mail the letter, and then run to the juice shop and buy a super greens fresh squeezed juice. Because we have no greens, at all, in our house/lodge/camp. We have been out for a few days. Heather and I went food shopping last night, and she wanted to go to Walmart, so I decided to try it out.

NO VEGETABLES AT ALL. We found a few bags of salad that were 5x as much as what we had gotten in bulk the week before.

So we have no vegetables.

Pretty much subsisting on cuties, bananas and apples.

Walmart has fruit, apparently.

On my way back to the YMCA, I picked up a Hispanic bilingual newspaper, and treasured reading it. So much fun. Such a nice change to get different perspectives. Especially when they just fall in your lap at street corners.

Came home, and here I am now.

Oh wait, I forgot. When we first got back I gave myself a really nice clean haircut. Short on the sides and back, and longer and a bit crazy sticking straight up on top. And then I cut Ryan and Ricky’s hair as well. Gave them the exact same haircut as me, like they wanted. And now we all look like siblings. Really starting to enjoy learning how to cut different hair types. And I like to help people look at themselves differently in the mirror, and like what they see.

JAMMIN’ outside, man.

I’m a quiet mouse tonight. Typing away. Laying on my sleeping bag on hard tile already, it’s 8:45 at night. In my pajamas and showered.

Of course, I was outside earlier, watching a news program on deforestation in Brazil. And the one time that our sponsor visits us after work, he heads straight over to where I cut everyone’s hair. I was kind of expecting them to sweep it off the porch, but it’s me that gets caught with this nest of hair, my own cut hair evidence of involvement. I apologize, say I’ll clean it up. He doesn’t say anything, just comments on “cool haircut”. Literally the chillest person I’ve ever met.

Everyday when we come back from work this week, the lodge is over 90 degrees inside. The porch has become my sanctuary, while the rest of my team sweats it out, and quietly melts into the tile in the lodge for a few hours before the sun goes down.


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