Green Tea and Orange Peels

Healthy day. Relaxing day.

Sitting at Shine cafe on E and 14th right now, drinking an organic detox tea with green tea, orange peels, cinnamon, other things. Going to have a chia seed pudding in a little bit.

This morning we got up, and all went to town around 9 am. I didn’t really have an agenda, and decided to just get dropped off wherever everyone else wanted to go.

That ended up being the YMCA, which is just down the street from a Target. Which is where I’ve been needing to go for awhile, to return this mp3 player I bought last weekend that doesn’t work.

Had that done by 10: 15 am, and thought about what to do with the rest of my day.

Starting walking back downtown, really learning the city. And all of my destinations were a straight shot from where I was at. I wanted to go to the Naked Lounge, and then Capitol Garage. Both were on 15th street, the same street I was on— all the way across town.

Was also right next to a juice cafe, so stopped by and bought a chia, ginger, pineapple, and other veggies/juice drink, with a shot of wheat grass on the side. That’s my new weekly cleanse. Costly, but I’m only in California for the next few months. Going to live the health lifestyle. (*Definitely just an excuse to do what I would be doing in any state/country/universe.)

*** Made eye contact with this bike riding hippie across the street, and all of the sudden he is pulling up his bike in front of my patio table, asking where Henry’s lounge is. Noserings, long hair and high fives. I say I don’t know where it is, but he gives me the address, and I point him exactly there. “Five blocks down behind me, and then take a left and keep going until you hit it a few blocks down.” High fives, “I’m all about those high fives. Thank you, have a good day!” “You too.”

Look at that local knowledge. This is a shit-easy city to get around once you know it, but the thing is, I know it!! I think this is the first city I’ve got such a good handle on. In the US at least. Old Leicester and me had a year of it. ; ) ***

Asked to use the bathroom at the juice bar, and the key was missing. So this cute little Asian man says, “Don’t worry! I’ll break in for you!”

I stand around waiting, and then find the key myself– sitting on a ledge.

“I found it!” “Oh, good!” the little old man says. Holding a clothes hanger he’s torn apart in anticipation.

Sweet people. Real people.


***This poor guy in front of me, reading a paper and rolling a joint. Waving at people. Falling asleep. Looks like he’s about to cry. Smiles at me, artist’s smile. Also potentially creepy. I don’t want to give up my patio seat yet, though. Finish this blog post. He’s hitching a ride, now.***

***George just appears in front of me. He’s cut his hair. Really short. Doesn’t have my haircut anymore. What are the chances we bump into one another downtown? Pretty good, apparently.***

So I walk downtown. Get to the Naked Lounge. Get a house coffee, and it gets me buzzed for the next few hours. Well, either that gets me buzzed, I get myself buzzed, or all of it together gets me high. But I’m up there, and it’s great. I’ve found my purpose again. I’ve found a direction and a love. Write, write, write, read. And then, out of the blue, there is this man coming in and screaming, “I don’t know if you are all aware, but it smells like straight up gas in here. And people are out lighting lighters all over on the patio. Might want to do something.”

And that was enough for me. I took off my headphones, looked around at the other customers ensconced in their sofas and laptops, all deciding if they should leave or not. And I booked it out.

Booked it out.

Out in the park, I took a few pictures, wrote a bit more, tried unsuccessfully to sneak into a Starbuck’s bathroom, and then headed down to the main downtown.

Made it to the Chipotle, for the second time in 24 hours, and was super excited to know the code on the lock on the bathroom door there. Felt like a real local. Look at me, knowing all the best spots to pee.

And then got a burrito, and sat outside reading the Tao Te Ching and thinking. Underlining passages furiously. With a whole new meaning in a brand new sense. And repetitive sense. Those thoughts that keep cycling. Read my fortune yesterday, and it said that I don’t need to move mountains, I just have to be ready for the mountains to come to me. And in the Tao “Attain wholeness, and everything will flock to you.” And yesterday, TJ comes up to me and talks to me about how he doesn’t push anything, everything comes to him, he just has to be ready to take the opportunities.

After lunch I called my family, really nice to get to talk to them again. So happy that they are beginning to settle into Kansas City.

After rambling on the phone to them, and trying not to be too overwhelming, I took my energy around town. Feeling the streets out. Trying to see where I needed to go.

And that’s when I ended up here. At Shine cafe, which is a coffeeshop/art gallery/and live music venue tucked away on E street.


They have a reasonable amount of inspiring and unique organic teas, as well as coffee. Grabbed a free folk album off the table, and signed up for their event newsletter. Every other Wednesday provocative open word and acoustic night. And jazz every Tuesday night.

Called Debolina and caught up, and now going to go get a refill on hot water.

Wearing Debolina’s beautiful scarf from India.

I caved, and I went to the dessert diner again.

Stood in line patiently for thirty minutes, two five year old twins knocking into my legs and people buzzing about pie and icecream.

And I sat outside, and ate my pecan pie in peace. And it was lovely. And I left with sticky hands, and an empty plastic to go box.

As I was leaving, I thought briefly how it was good no one saw me at that point in my life. My pie desperation which could become a unhealthy habit if I don’t put a stop to it.

And literally a minute after I start walking back downtown, I run into Alyssa and Sydney. With the barista from the Shine cafe!

The barista and I recognize each other, introduce ourselves to one another, and then proceed into awkward conversations, me leading them, laughing a lot. Being ridiculous and cursing a lot, as is my usual when I meet new people.

And at one point, talking about the other coffee shops in town, and say how I dislike Temple coffee, tastes burnt…

And he’s like, “Oh. We use Temple coffee.”

And then it’s super awkward.

“Oh, well I just got tea at your cafe today…”

And then I say a few other things. Like we’re living in tents. And do we look like we’re living in tents? And he says yes, and we all gasp. And he’s like, what? I think that’s a compliment. It’s really cool, who needs a house?

And then Syd and I walked away, leaving Alyssa and her barista to their date.

See you at Shine on Wednesday night for your open mic, I will be getting your tea.


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