#10 in 10


#1: Happy

She bought food for the

Hungry man

But when she came back he

Wasn’t there.

Said the tarot card reader

To the Hen

Said the tarot card reader

To the Hen.

#2: i

Ukrainian refugees

Happy and tired serving subs

Crosswalk signals

Heighten their accent

As the street people



You didn’t take my


#3: Yes

7 eleven melodies

Piss and gravel

Huddled figure

Against concrete


#4: Magic

Modern Art


To manipulate

the masses

into musing

on mundane



#5: Spiral Bound

No one took

Her sandwich

So she ate it

Corporate realism.

Target with a notebook

#6: Stars

Muggy cafe

Catch your phlegm

You have the keys

To a car that doesn’t work.

Do you want someone to stop you?

I’m just using you

for a place to sit, and


drunk friend.

peeing in the street


#7: Flightlights

Offerings of milk

From the river

abusing my


Eating hotwings.

He didn’t come into town to

Follow you like a ghost.

He came to follow like a dog.

Rasta, motherfucker.

Blue pens and lights.

It’s not bad

But we’re parked

Across town

Without a flashlight.

#8: Kill it or Reform it

Are you writing about her

Or me.

The people


#9: Dreams and Leather Jackets


#10: Unwritten

Feeling great

Good karma

No plane crashes

She’s bought a man

A sub!

She’s started on the path of her


A little effort exerted,

cause given up.

Given to another.

No one.

Find drunk friends.

Lips chapped from

Bad jokes and

Poetic Injustice.

First weekend, I tell you.


She ate the sandwich.

#11: It Came

Scribbles. given more power. because she said so.

drunk girl friend didn’t. drunk boy friend did.

“interact with us!”

“i am”

“she’s fine”

manic writing


don’t give a

#12: Taking notebook back out of bag

Replacing pen with sandwich

she wants to leave

and eat on a curb.

can’t wait

on you.

or anyone else

but can’t tell her.

and he already knows.


we’re all homeless.

and definitely not.

she reaches past her hands

to tap her on the shoulder

put lightly

you want to go

trembles out of her

J and 15th.

#13: Lips burning from jalapenos and


Slunk against a wall

Chowing down

Look up

Chemical green trees crowding out a

Black sky

If you didn’t know me

Would you want to know me?

remember in portland, seeing the open mic

and smoking a fag with a water bottle

on J street

Backpack and sandwich


To WRite.

Lips still burning

Words diminishing

Notebook away

Sandwich back out

Fag stubbed out with foot



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