Rubber Boots without Socks

So the other day, after I had jumped out of the shower, in a tank top, shorts, fauxhawk wearing combat boots. And these two classy woman pull up in a really nice car. And talk to me.

Come to find out they are local film producer. Pulled in here for the opening scene of their horror movie: “This is perfect.”

Got their cards, gave them to our camp warden.

The next day at work, out of the blue,, our sponsor, who we’ve had virtually no other conversations with, blurts out that last time she was at our campsite she found a dead body.

Slept 11 hours last night.

Last night we went on campus to do laundry. It was weird going back there, as we are only there on transition.

Long story short, Alyssa and I made fritatas for everyone for dinner. And then did laundry and took Alyssa to Walmart. Had a panic attack at a certain point, and then bought a whole box of cookies at Walmart and ate the box by the time we had pulled back on campus.

I was wearing a black tank top, running shorts and rubber boots without socks the whole time.

I have come a long way.

But yet it’s all still the same.

Keep writing, and create life.

Also, I realized today that I need to start giving no shits whenever people are assholes trying to make me feel like an asshole.

Stand my ground, and do what I need to do. I am enough. I am my own person.


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