Rice and Rhymes

I want to get my own juicer.

Wheat grass is all the rage out here– just took a shot wheat grass juice. It’s literally just pressed grass. Great.

And then I got a juice drink with all these good things– plus a shot of ginger juice.

Love food health.

Made a pot of curry rice with carrots, potatoes, kale, mushrooms, broccoli, ginger and sauteed onions and garlic on the propane camping stove.

Put it in my glass bowl in the fridge for the week’s food– it will probably only last today.

My face has been breaking out, and the Kansas headaches are back. Environment means so much, I’m learning.

Woke up this morning to a big beetle crawling on the tent ceiling above me.

Cupped him in my moccasin, unzipped the tent and threw him out to fly away.

That Moroccan food yesterday– hummus and baba ganoush tasted bad. I decided to stop eating them and just finish my falafel– spent $12 bucks and only ate a bit of it. The other guys at the restaurant turned their plates back at the end of dinner and confirmed my suspicions, was glad I stopped eating when I did. Was worried for the rest of the day what bad hummus can do to you. Bought a sprite and felt better.

Remember what my parents taught me– a good restaurant is a restaurant that has people of the same descent as the food working and eating there. The fact that it was hot blooded American servers and customers should have been a tip off, but the decorations were so cute I was almost sold.

However, rule of thumb confirmed.

Sitting outside right now letting my rice cool down, listening to music (who knew we would have wifi at our lodge! Camping luxury.)

Who knew I would spend April- June of 2015 in a tent, though? Who would have guessed? The suave that I kicked the lightning bug beetle out of my tent this morning amazed even myself.

Seems like it should make a sound.

Going to “Sister Spit” tonight. Super excited. It’s the all women stand up spoken word poetry night I was talking about earlier. They have a bunch of travelling feminist poets coming. I think it’s free. Getting dropped off downtown

God I love olive oil and vegetables. Rice and curry– I never need anything else in my life.

Been having a lot of lonely nights in the city. Not sure what it’s about. I talked to Alyssa today about it, and she’s been feeling it too, though. It’s different whenever you don’t know anyone, and everyone else seems to know what’s going on.

Oop. Just dove into my tupperware bowl of food for the rest of the week. It’s not going to last long. I’m just going to have to start cooking more.

“Dreams are reality’s peace”

We don’t know how we’re getting home tonight after the poetry night, Uber is a thing. But I still don’t have a smart phone. And data is weird– like I don’t want to use other people’s data and depend on their internet connect to get a ride.

Finally have my music back. The internet connection wasn’t strong enough in our house in Willits, but in this outback, dripping with rainwater lodge it works like magic.

Magic, I tell you.

It’s about being on top of my needs.

And then I can take care of what I want.

So I’m fulfilling my needs today. Took an hour or two to make food with music and cinnamon coffee.

Feeling good. Not really worried about the future anymore, back to where I was before, or at least getting back to that, where I just trust that I’ll make it happen. Because I’m alive every moment that I’m here.

So pile on the rice and the rhymes.


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