Slingshot Shoutout

So Colin is just the coolest. He’s made me realize what punk is, and that I really like it. Maybe not the music, or the hygiene. But the atmosphere, the aura. The nonchalance. The fuck the system. It’s so great.

He’s so great. He came in my room tonight– waiting there when I get back– and he’s reading that hippie newspaper that Jess picked up– Slingshot. And he’s in it. And I think he’s shitting me. He’s like, no. I brought you a copy of my zine tonight. And I’ve been waiting to get a hold of a copy of this newspaper because I talked to a guy in LA and he said he’d write review on it.

Synchronicity. What are the chances Jess picks up a national newspaper with Colin in it, and he just happens to find it in our room the night he gives me the zine that’s reviewed.


Colin you are so cool.

And then he really just hands me over a zine that he made while touring with his band– Midwest and the East Coast. And it’s really fucking awesome. And he’s so humble. I’ve mentioned writing before and he never told me he had written a zine. Took him two weeks before this program– written during the McDonalds free coffee promotion.

What? That’s awesome.

He has a whole piece on Chicago in there– sleeping under the river.

He’s a super cool guy. I am astounded. Going to miss him. Going to send him weird shit in the mail. And have a zine of my own for him when I see him next.

Today was crazy.

I’ve stopped closing the door when I pee– even when there are other people in the other room across from mine.

Everyone was in my room earlier– and I was forced to be generous with my expensive organic enlightenment Tulsi tea.

Walked in after talking with my brother (Obama). And Colin’s waiting for me in our room. Because no one ever knocks. And then Dre wanders in and joins Jess and Corey and I. Then there’s Tony making himself at home, and Clint with his fishing poles and Carinne with her sunshine handdrawn jeans.

And then everyone is peer pressuring me to go to this funk band on Wednesday night, which would probably be fun but it’s a $10 cover. That’s more than this blog post cost.

And then earlier, I walk inside, and I see Isaac. And he’s like giving me shit for being superstitious, and I’m trying to deny it because my whole team basically shat on my logic and said I was a walking and talking gypsy folklore fanatic. And that might be true, but it’s definitely not.

Earlier tonight I really had a quandry. I came back from a run, and hesitated getting into the BBQ line. I didn’t know dinner was being served right then, and was half an hour late. And was going to run back and grab my phone, put away my headphones and take a shower etc, but then I realized that I just needed to trust the flow. So when I see Carinne walking up in line, braless and free and sunshine drawn jeans and a mushroom-crystal necklace, I decide to forgo the shower and just roll with life.

And then, what do you know, the person who I’ve been trying to run into for the past few days– Mr. Kansas International Relations and Wonderful Smiles and Friendlieness walks up right behind us. And, this is the kicker. This is all out of 200 people, what are the chances of this lineup. Up walks Mr. New Yorker right behind him. And they start talking, and we all say hi, and I’m still talking with Carinne about crystals, and it’s too funny because there is too much going on.

And then I talk to New York about where he’s headed– weed capital, watch out when you see that dripline in the woods, he’s heading to Ukiah for the next few months. I ask Kansas if he’s going back to Kansas, and we talk about Kansas for a little while, while I try to smash all things I’ve wanted to talk to him about, ask him about into a BBQ line.

And then New York walks away, looks like he didn’t really want seconds he just wanted to talk, and I feel bad for not giving him more time. But it’s my life, yo. Timing.

And then get in line for a portabello mushroom burger, and Carinne talks to the men grilling the burgers about their home country of Iran. And accidentally has them thinking that she thinks Iran is across the street.

And Isaac Kansas gets his burger and walks away, but then walks back. And waits for us. And then asks to sit with us for dinner. And it was exactly what I’ve been wanting.

So then, once I had that opportunity, I proceeded to scare the shit out of him.

Of course.

Carinne started talking about witches, and I brought up my superstitions, and it all went down from there. Because I don’t know that he is the same kind of Kansan as I am– he grew up in a town of 500 people. And my team is not very conservative people. Soon I was telling a story about how Jess made love to a sheep in the moonlight at a farm we visited, and he was obviously checking out. It was sad and hilarious. And then when my teammates were musing on weed names for our new green van, he got up and walked away.
“Nice eating with you all.”


And I forgot to add that during that dinner, of course Colin has found us and is sitting with us. And I’m like, Colin I love you, but I want to talk to this person right now! I didn’t say that, but I felt I was giving those vibes. And then when Colin got up and walked away while I was talking to Issac about cheese and George rubbing ghost pepper in his eye, I thought I had ruined our friendship. Which is another important thing to remember about me, all new people just getting first impressions: I am dramatic and I exaggerate, even to myself. And I don’t even realize it half the time.

Because Colin didn’t hate me, and instead came back to my room and gave me a wonderful present of his handmade zine.

So, life.

Headed to campsite tomorrow. Here it goes.

Goodbye all, I don’t really want to say goodbyes again. It’s weird. I feel weird about it. I feel clingy. And also like I just want to run away from everyone.

Stream of consciousness. Start over.

Make a zine.


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