Anti-climactic, much?

We were up at 7:30 am to pack the van, and tell countless people goodbye. So many hugs, so many awkward, words-missing conversations that happened in the early hours of morning when I was worried about BO and saying the right thing. And everyone else was being sweet.

I ended up hiding as soon as I could, and didn’t even say goodbye to Monica. Feel a bit bad about it, but I just hate goodbyes. And her and I had a weird transition together, like not clicking the same way anymore. Maybe it was just because we lived together before that we had the interactions that we did? Maybe it was just because I really needed some alone time this past week.

Talking to Brother last night, and he was telling me that I am a “serial intimate-er.” Like I want to get really close to people, can’t get enough of people until I know them. And then it’s time to discover someone else. Similar to a fraternity boy who wants to chase all the girls, and leave them once he has them. Just in an intellectual and emotional way. In an adventure way. In a writer way. I want to grab all the people’s stories. I want to be all the people’s stories for one moment in time.

So anyway, we’re still waiting at 10:30 right now. I’m in the lounge– the wifi is actually working right now because no one else is on campus anymore. They are off driving around the country. We are just taking a 20 minute trip down to the river, but I still feel more intrigued by this place than any other we’ve traveled to. It’s so unique– I really have no idea what to expect. All I know is I will be sleeping under the stars tonight.

Don’t know what I’m about. What I’m writing about. I’m still exhausted from this weekend. Going out is great, but I won’t be doing that for awhile again. It’s something that makes me remember how to really dig my toes in the mud and get into life without thinking too much about it. But it’s also quite a bit of money, and quite a bit of useless hours the next few days.

Drinking a coffee from the gas station, because that is my rule. Gas station diets can work, but only on travel days, when you don’t know what the next few hours will be bringing.

I am kind of excited to get to write right now– I never write much before transitions here. I just write after I get there. But I think it’s cool that you, reading this blog post, know just as much about the rest of my day as I do. It’s all up in the air.

Really want to take some time to relax, as well as to keep meeting people.

This is sad, I really don’t know what to write about, and I have fifteen minutes of free internet to use, and unsure of the next time I’ll have internet again.

Maybe tonight. But more likely tomorrow.


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