$3 Blogpost

Today Jess, Syd and I cleaned our room, cleaned our kitchen, packed our bags (I made it with three bags this time) and then laid on our beds and ate cold pizza.

Last night, before we went to bed, Jess started laughing hysterically. She is on the bottom bunk, and had been in bed reading for hours. But she didn’t notice until she laid down to fall asleep– that there was this creepy hand size voodoo Dorthy and the yellow brick road doll smashed between the bedframe abover her, staring down at her. Right over her head.

It was absolutely terrifying and wonderful. Found out this morning that Carinne had engineered the whole thing– had even gone so far as to go in our suitemate’s room and come in the shared bathroom to place the little gem that she found on her travels around town that day.

This is our life.

Creepy as shit at times, but you have to learn to laugh.

Earlier in the night I went on a “walk” with Monica– which ended up being her sitting at a table outside and me laying on the pavement staring up at the stars and the passing planes. We talked about the next round, and her worries. I feel like she is in a similar place I was in at the beginning of round two– just not ready for anymore stress. I, strangely, am very unstressed out right now. Good vibes. I like that we’re staying in the city. I like that we’re camping. I like our new leadership. I even like my teammates a bit again. I like it.

However, I am still on the edge. We were cleaning our room today, and I had to have Jess stop spraying windex all over. Still got that anxiety- but thankfully we’ll be living out in the dirt and the trees for the next two months. It might be exactly what I need. What I’ve needed for awhile.

After hanging out with Monica, I met up with Colin and we went on a night hike around the concrete jungle that we live in, just as the gypsy lady predicted in my future this past summer back in Kansas. She told me I was going to a dusty, concrete jungle.

We walked around, talked about a lot. Colin is my newest friend here. Making new, genuine friends is one of my favorite feeling. He’s headed to Yosemite. They get to stay in cabins, and all their meals provided for. We might go visit them. Probably not, though. Going to really enjoy not living in the mountains for awhile. ; )

Earlier yesterday, I was pretty hungover. And anxious. I always get anxious a few days before I travel. So I literally just hung around, tried to sleep, laid in bed awake or laid in the sun awake most of the day. When all I wanted to do was be asleep.

Because I went out both nights this weekend– it was a crazy weekend for me. I haven’t been out in the past two months– but the last two days I was on. I remembered exactly why I love drinking– love the warm summer-like air and the freedom to barhop and try new beers.

Jess and I started at 6 pm on Saturday night. Well, actually I started. She had started earlier in the afternoon- sitting at an outside bar and writing letters while she slowly got intoxicated. So when I met up with her, she was pretty gone. And I realized that I wanted to catch up. And neither one of us wanted to go back to campus.

So had a few drinks at our new place– the place we had dinner on Thursday. It’s like a big garage– all the doors pulled open and the beautiful coastal air coming in.

Then we went to another bar– the Golden Bear. It’s in a house– pretty cute bar. One of my favorites here. Finally, we hit up this English/American pub and sat on the back porch. Then we went to a comedy club, and a made our way back to the train.

Took the train home, and I met up with Monica at the Golden Lion for a few drinks. We were talking about travel, and then these woman to the left of me interrupt us, and an hour and a half later we’re still talking to them about world travel. Come to find out they are swingers after awhile, and Monica gets up to go to the bathroom. I follow soonafter. And we head to another bar, taking down the contact information for the world travelling swingers.

I was thinking of asking this one guy out for the past week we’ve been here. He’s from Kansas, and a super skeptic and international lover. But I haven’t, because I have been wanting to trust more in flow. And so, instead of asking him to that bar, I decided to enjoy whoever happened to be at that bar.

And wouldn’t you know it– this New Yorker hippie I’ve been trying to hang out with all year— it’s just him and Clint in the bar.

And so I’m like, well, this is life.

And we had a lot of fun, me and the New Yorker. I’ve felt like we’re have this really strange attraction and introvert connection all year, and we were both really awkward in any interactions we had before. But with a few beers in us– we had a really good, really opinionated, really loud night together. And it was great.

Walking back home, I was talking to the New Yorker about life purpose and patriotism and good will and some other interesting concepts that I don’t remember because I had been drinking pretty steadily for a good seven hours– and we went to sit down and talk back at the campus. Clint came along as well– which was probably good. Maybe Clint was there to serve as a physical representation of warning to me– that no matter how cute this lumberjack boy from upstate New York was– I have no place in pursuing situations like this anymore.

So it was just me, him and Clint for a good two hours or so in the warm Sacramento night air. And then we all tried to go pee on palm trees, got intercepted (probably a good thing) by a random taxi driver. And then all went to bed.

Weird, weird. Let that flow of life lead you.

Listen to the silences.

On another note, Thursday at our campsite we have live music coming. And then Saturday I have the training with the women’s center. I visited their restaurant downtown on Saturday. Very cool.

So I’m shit tired after a weekend of it. So much. So much. And I’m ready to just sleep. And I got this book at the library yesterday “Political Development and Political Decay” and I think it will take me the whole two months camping to read. And I am so excited.

And now I have to get back to campus for a community meeting. I paid three dollars for a tea to come and use the internet and write all of this. I should start logging how expensive this blog is… ; )


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