Skinny Jeans and Parallel Universes

Last night everyone went out– our last Friday night on campus.

Was originally going out with Carinne and Tony, but then we got separated, and I ran into Colin. Who has consistently invited himself on every night out I’ve ever been on here– and he is so much fun.

Our first night out in Sacramento– me and a few of my teammates were walking to the train station, and he saw us and asked to come along.

He has such style- DIY clothing. He’s from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has dual citizenship with the UK and America. All his family lives in Scotland. He’s over six feet tall, but he always wears the tightest, shortest shorts you’ve ever seen- all legs. And he wears the tightest shirts- cutoff style. And then he is always doing something crazy with his hair– shaving it in weird asymmetrical and unexpected and uncomfortable ways. He wears big chunky wire frame glasses that take over his face, and has the weirdest sense of humor I’ve ever experienced from someone. It is so great. Deadpan sarcasm to strangers on the street constantly. And just as bad to people he knows. I never know what he’s actually thinking, but I’m beginning to catch onto his thinking pattern. When he makes jokes, he won’t laugh until you laugh. So you’ll have no idea if it’s a joke or not until you risk a laugh. He finds things on walks and puts them on. He was telling me last night after we had had a bit to drink that he doesn’t care what other people think. Just his friends. He is far out.

He’s taken a particular interest in me recently, and has been asking me to hang out a lot. Kind of trying to avoid contact with everyone recently– but there was no getting out of going out together last night. But I’m glad we did.

Made it to a new bar this time– but it was stuffy, crowded and overpriced. So Jess, Corey, Colin and I left. We bought two bottles of wine, and finished them down the street. Jess took a shit in a park. And Colin, Corey and I had a crazy intense conversation about parallel universes.

Colin has never drank anything, all the times we have been out together. He hasn’t drank the whole time he’s been in the program. And so I felt weird taking him out with me– because that was what I was planning on doing. But he kept saying it was fine with him– that he liked drinking with smaller groups of people better. And dude, we all got a little bit goofy. White Zinfandel wine and Sacramento night air.

Made it back to the stuffy, overpriced and overcrowded bar after we finished our wine, and everyone was there. It was okay– not that great of a time.

I had had a bit of happy drink in me though, so it was all good.

I ended up talking to CJ for like half an hour about Peace Corps. He is flying off to Nicaragua in September to start, and we talked all about it. I asked him about all of my fears. I always like to see how other people handle the things that consume my thoughts.

Then Colin found me again, and we started talking about something. Maybe the random girl’s tight-ass jean jacket he had borrowed for the hour. And then he mentioned the Kansas book that he had read over the past two months when he was in L.A., he really loved that book. Prairie Erth. And I, in my belligerent state dropped some sort of comment pertaining to the fact that he only wanted to hang out with me because he had read that book. Soak up all my Kansas wisdom. And he ran off to a back hallway like, “No, Annie. No, Annie.” And I followed him. And then we sat on the floor in the back hallway and talked about life purpose for the next three hours.

We also talked about synchronicity, and how it doesn’t necessarily have to be true- it just has to be fun. Life is like a map- and you follow the directions you are given, or you see. And he read this book, and he feels like he’s supposed to learn more about me. Coincidences mean you’re on the right track. I remember that hippie shit from Sunflower house, Noah always talked to me about it. But I have to admit– it’s much more fun to live that way. It makes a better story. And that’s what life’s about, right? Making your story.

Then we walked home. I bought a burrito, and he kept offering to pay for things even though I’m pretty sure we had talked about equality a lot that night. It was still sweet, though. He was trying to take me on a date, I think.

But I don’t really do that anymore.

I peaced out and told him goodnight. And then I went and sat on the laundry machines in my dorm, and ate the biggest bean, cheese and rice burrito of my life at 2 am in the morning by myself.

Then came back and fell asleep, only to wake up ten minutes later to Tony, Carinne and Josh scurrying around the middle of our room, making and eating peanut butter sandwiches.

This morning I woke up pretty hungover and not feeling the best. But the day was great– I’ve been alone since 11 am and it is now 5. I walked all over downtown Sac– and still have much more to explore. Getting a feel for it, though.

Beginning to recognize people, which is crazy in a city this size. But when people just hang out in the streets all day– there is a pretty good chance you’re going to see them around. One of the people I recognized was this woman who yelled at Jess and I on Thursday. She has a lot of things going on, and mental stability is not on her plate. DIdn’t feel threatened with Jess, but today I saw this woman again. The street was fairly empty, and I saw her up ahead, yelling at me like she did last time. And I just kept my headphones on, and decided to just ignore her and walk past. She invaded my space though, and was yelling the worst things at me possible. And it wasn’t at me, you could tell that she was reliving some past or made up reality, and I represented the worst person in the world in that memory. And it was actually terrifying, and she scared me so much that I turned the corner and redirected. And now I’ll just know to cross to the other side of the street when I see her.

Later I saw Anthony, the homeless man who introduced himself to me last weekend.

And then I’m back at the same coffee shop to write– this barista who has different color hair but the same smile every time I walk in.

Going to meet Jess for a drink in an hour, and then take public transit home together.

It’s been a good day.

I also got Chipotle for lunch– first time in three or four months.


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