White Supremacist Eating my Organic Apples

When we were in Ukiah waiting for Tony, Dre and Jess to make it back, George and I went to Safeway to wait. And I went straight for the donut aisle, and George was steering me. Physically pushing me away from it. It was really funny and odd, and he was just like, this isn’t your aisle, Annie. Let’s go find the organics.

And I was like, but it’s okay. I’m stressed. I’m stress eating, this is what I do.

But he was adamant, and we were soon in the organics aisle. Led by the 19 year old boy who’s diet is 75% made up of Cheetos, the other 25% made out of cigarettes.

And then tonight. I didn’t even think anything of it. But he did the same thing. I was scouring the kitchen for some chocolate after I finished helping Dre with resumes. And he was standing there and was like, Annie what are you doing. We literally just ate dinner.

And I’m back in my room later, and feeling really satisfied with my life as I eat an apple. And thinking about how I got here, not eating junk food all night. And then I realized that George has been helping me out recently. In his own way.

Organic homemade natural cleaners lesson.


Informational Interview with community member Deb who grew up here.

Five minutes to pack.

Ukiah ATL meeting with TL.

Food shopping.

Walmart run.

Everyone abandons food at home and left to put it away.

Cleaning out the fridge because I won’t eat anything out of it before I know what’s in it.

And pulled out two molding, hairy and rotting chicken legs from the back of the fridge.

Hippie sitting at our kitchen table eating my organic apples and being a white supremacist. Please get the fuck out.

Synchronicity shit going on with Jess and me and the world.



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