Mangos and Pistachios

I really just need to get out more when I get stuck in a rut. Take those opportunities, say yes to life.

Tonight Jess and I met up with two farmers– one named Xamuel who is from LA, but is actively reclaiming his indigenous Mexican heritage. And then Horace, a Bosnian who came to America during the war in the 90s, and grew up in San Francisco. He moved back to Bosnia for a few years recently, and then WOOFed in Italy. Both of them are learning Biodynamic Farming at LivePower Farm an hour away. It’s all about holistic farming— one step further than just organic farming, biodynamic farming incorporates spirituality and ancient traditions into farming. They choose which day to plant certain foods depending on the moon cycle, and the constellations. If soil is so important in farming, so too the sky above it must be.

We went to the lake and hung out. Ate mangoes and pistachios. And then it got dark and we walked back to the house.

Lit the Christmas lights up on our back porch, and made Tulsi tea. Tulsi tea has been talked about a lot lately. Flouride and the penal gland and the third eye and spirituality. Long story short: Drink your Tulsi tea for enlightenment and clarity and union with the universe.

Then we all decided to go get Thai food in Ukiah before it closed around 8:30 at night. We got chased around by a moth the size of our heads, and then headed out.

We listened to revolutionary music the whole way there, and I thought, this is what life is.

And then we got to Ukiah, picked up our Thai food, and then sat in a circle in a car wash and ate out of our to go boxes with chopsticks and talked about the state of the world. And what our generation is going to do. And what our traveling souls are searching for.

And then we drove home around ten. And Horace gave us each a picture- he’s a photographer- with a little note on the back and his website. And then we parted ways.

They were both so knowledgeable. And well travelled. It was great.

Jess and I didn’t get much talking time, but one night of listening to strangers tell their tales is definitely needed every once in awhile.

(Later, back at the house: someone walks in door to tell us something, and waits for a response which does not come, as we stare back and them and wave goodbye, they slink out of the door)

“You know, we really are intimidating people, Jess.”- me

“You’re typing… what? typetypetype what? typetypetype what? typetypetype what? And then I’m reading… WHAT? flipflipflip what? flipflipflip WHAT? flipflipflip”- Jess

Roommate soulmates

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