Don’t take fruit from strangers

Jess, Carinne, Tony, Ryan and Ricky just piled on top of my bed at 8 am in the morning saying “Wake the Fuck Up, Annie.” With smiles. We have work at 8:10 am. This is my everyday.

Just got back from the best jog of my life that I didn’t want to go on.

Everyone, please take an hour out of your day and go walking in an unknown direction outdoors. And pump up your walk or jog with your favorite music, and your best thoughts will come. And you’ll melt into the world.

The term, “Don’t eat food from strangers” is impossible to enact here.

Walked in my house after a run, and there is a big black dog with peace signs all over it’s collar. And he doesn’t introduce himself, and just hands me a bag of sun dried fruit from his farm. He’s got curly black hair and simply solid gray sweater. I ask him where he’s from, trying to figure out who this person is and why him and his dog are in our living room, and he says, “Humbolt county.” Offers more dried fruit, and I walk away and proceed with my day

We have three visitors in our living room right now. Two are Tony’s friends from Minnesota passing through. They couch surfed for the first time the other night. Jess, Carinne and I setting up our accounts today.

One of them is Matt, I don’t know the other’s name.

-George just mooned me as I grabbed my soap out of the bathroom so I could shower in the other one.

Tony’s friends are both super cute, scruffy beards and tell people “they don’t care” when people start talking about sports in front of them. They are hipster as fuck and brought Stumptown coffee with them and their own French Press here on their way down from Portland.

How fun.

Chaos in our living room.

I’m taking a shower and then heading to the lake with a book and tea.

“You’re so quiet!”

“I talk a lot, just not to you.” -Jess

Thought about something today while shoveling manure that I would like to share: Sometimes, the things that you like least about yourself, when you look back, they’ve helped shape the things you absolutely love about yourself.



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