Coverall Thursday

George rubbed ghost pepper in his eye.

I know why Annie didn’t like the cheese workshop today.

#1: You walk in and it smells like bleach and cheese.

#2: The floor is wet and covered in cheese particles.

#3: It was a small, painted, white room. Sketch as fuck with old metal equipment.


I step outside to take a call from my parents for five minutes, and come back inside to the resume workshop.

They are all clapping and singing to the rhythm of “We will rock you” and they’re saying “Fuck Resumes. Fuck Resumes.”

“Annie’s on the phone with Obama and they’re laughing at us for taking resume’s seriously. We will we will, Fuck Resumes. Fuck Resumes.”

They keep going for five minutes, changing the lyrics to things people are doing in the room.

So this is our key now. This is our key.

Jess was locked in our room this morning immediately after I got up. The door knob came off finally, and she got locked in. We have to carry around a door knob with us.

I cut George and my own hair on Sunday. Everyone keeps calling him Annie. And the Annie haircut is very popular lately. Last time I cut Ricky’s it looked just like mine. And Ryan is letting me give him a faux hawk in the next month as well.

Slowly turning everyone into me.

Really though, we’re all turning into each other.

Oh, man! There’s potatoes leftover! …Oh, man… what is this…

Dre, as he pulls a pan of spicy potatoes out of the fridge, covered in tattered aluminum foil. The foil doesn’t cover the whole pan, so it is slanted downward where the foil ends. And there is a pool of red liquid piled on top of the foil, and it is flowing down into the potatoes. And Dre just dumps the red liquid off the aluminum foil and into the trash, scoops out some potatoes, and throws them in the microwave.


I come back in my room, and start cracking up, and Jess does too and she doesn’t even know what it’s about. And then I start laughing like ten minutes later about it, and she starts laughing as well. We have a mutual understanding that whatever is happening in this house is crazy, and it doesn’t even need explanation.

I am not using microwaves anymore, either. That’s my new thing. I was always a fan of cold leftovers, anyway.

I don’t understand how I can keep my nose from getting so sunburned.

Gotta figure out something. Got a whole lot more sun coming– going to be living outside for the next two months.

I’ve grown very accustomed to peeing outside, though. I think most of us spend our time peeing in the yard over using the bathroom. Also, by our worksite there is this really nice bridge that I like to pee under.

Accidentally mooned a random passerby the other day, though.

We are wild children out here. We’re going to have culture shock if we live in a city after all of this.

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