Pomo Reservation

I’m doing a recruiting event right now at the Indian Reservation, and had a bit of free time, so went out and answered her phone call. Since technically that is recruiting as well.

And the people here at the Reservation are so nice. She got a bowl of fruit out for us, and we’re going to talk to the kids when they get out of school. Met an ex-airforce man who is a tribal leader here now– he’s been to every continent, and most countries in the world. He’s talking to us about his experiences, lots of experiences. And telling us about the new contractors that we send abroad and use at home in the place of military. And he thinks we are headed toward martial law.

And then the beautiful woman who helped set us up here, she’s talking about Julian Assange and how she just watched the movie about him last night. And how Google has more power to look into private lives than the CIA does. And how the CIA pays companies like that for information.

And all of these words I’m writing will probably put me on some list. So maybe I’ll stop writing about internet privacy on the public internet.

Dre’s eating popcorn next to me, and I have to pee.

There is a running joke on my team. Every time my phone rings or I’m talking on the phone, Jess Dre and Tony will all tell me to tell Obama hi for them.

They think it’s hilarious that I am always on the phone. Any free time I get, I usually have someone I want to call.

And then I’ll tell them, after I’m done, how Obama is super stressed out right now. Keeps bothering me to talk about his problems. How Michelle and him are having relationships troubles, and the CIA is on his back.

Alyssa got a vertebra bone lodged in her heel yesterday. The bone was just lying in our front yard, there are bones all over. It was in a good inch or so. Our team leader was passing out and the others sprang to action.

Taking her to urgent care this morning.


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