Quotes from the Farm


(I am, because you are)

South African proverb courtesy of Jess. x

Just fucking do it. You don’t have to have everyone like you all the time. Everybody dies.

Magestic Jess

Well, I guess I’ll cherish every moment I have with you. And then never expect you to talk to me after this.

Jess to Dre

I feel like it’s not even a bathroom anymore. It’s a dumping ground. It’s the revolving door of shit.

Jess comments as we lay in silence in our room and listen to the toilet flush across the hall for hours on end.

Remember when you guys almost kissed and I farted


*Syd from living room to our room: “Jess!”

“Why does this girl think she can just yell information?”

*me typing

“I swear, it’s not even Annie’s diary anymore. It’s just shit I’ve said.

Jess, sitting up in her bed under the covers, drinking tea and commentating on our house bustling around us as I type

*Teammates out in the living room:

“Hey RACHEL!!”



*Quick mutter in our room, “I hate Rachel.” -Jess

Get what you need, and give what you’re given.

If the bugs won’t eat it, you shouldn’t eat it

Organic farmer dinner talk

In order to remain young you must change. In order to take one must first give.

Fortune cookie

“What the fuck is going on out there?”

“I don’t know, they’re drinking goat’s milk.”


“What Bruce (Alexander) says is it’s not your morality, it’s not you brain, it’s your cage. Addiction is an adaptation to your environment.” -Greenfuse

Rat Park – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Belch and then hock a loogy and make a face and spit it out the door.)

That was VILE.

Ricky, Ryan

He always checks his belly button during meetings.


DUDE. We’re across the street from a MALL and a COSCO. It’s going to be GREAT

George about our campsite.
We are going to meet someone everyday that changes our lives.



Jess and Annie’s Womb

door sign





“…That was TERRIFYING!” -Carrine


“That was the toilet, George. It really was.” -Ricky

“…I seriously don’t want to deal with these people right now.” -Jess

‘Where are the weevels?”

“In my hair.”

“Eat a piece of bread and go back to sleep.


“If we’re not entertaining you, you can leave. I’m not going to entertain people in my own goddamn room.

I’ve been waiting to say that to you for a long damn time.


A worry shared is so important


Is there a reason that you are all screaming about fucking potatoes at ten in the morning?

Did you not learn common courtesy in kindergarten?“

“Who took this shit in the bathroom?”

“Who took a shit in the bathroom?”

“Who took a shit in the bathroom?”

“Who took a shit in the bathroom?”

“Just wait. On Monday morning I’m going to be screaming about potatoes. I don’t know why people are barbarians. I’m done now.

“It’s not you, Tony. I just don’t understand why everyone else had to yell across the house about potatoes…

High school looks across the room at one another.

“You two look at each other a lot when I talk.”


I love Jess

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