Grubs and Worms

Everything that happens to you is the best thing that could happen to you.

Spoiler alert, and general mood down:

“We’re moving to Sacramento next.”

“Really? Doing what?”


Just kidding, but actually. Everyone is a little down. We were really pumped up to get to live in a city, or get to explore some beautiful landscape.

But now we are camping in tents in Sacramento.

Not sure how that works.

Apparently we will be helping to renovate and build a camp for inner city youth.

And that is really cool. But Sacramento is scary as shit, and we better have locks on our tents.

Chased by Nooshka the cat during my run.

Last night half the team got butt-ass naked in the kitchen and made eggs.

We’re bringing nudity to Northern California.

I have so many things.

I’m going running now in the sun.

I have had more sun in the past month than I probably ever have had in my life.

Eight hour workdays outside in 80 degree heat, which in a cloudless valley feels more like 100.

I almost threw up yesterday after work. I had been judging everyone else for passing out due to heat exhaustion all day.

Get over it, drink more water!

And then it hit me right after work.

I slept for 14 hours last night.

I made dahl and qunioa for the week.

I mixed broccoli into my dahl, and it’s similar to a vegan cheesy potato soup now.

Tonight I’m leaving with Sheb around 6 for Ukiah, where I am going to go to the Co-op and then go to a coffee shop and get some uninterrupted blogging time.

And I made cinnamon coffee today and learned just about as much about life as I ever did from those snow days in Lawrence reading law books.

About to fall asleep, but painstakingly put on my shoes again and walked out to the kitchen to check on the oven.

And it was on 375 degrees.

So I turned it off, and Tony apologized for forgetting he left it on.

And then I went to bed.

Today I had a problem with lead paint, pre-concrete dust, demolition, pick axes, staple guns, tiling and pre-grout dust, then moving old furniture in lead paint house.

I am so shocked that they never went over construction one oh one with us. We got so much safety training, but never once is asbestos mentioned, or what to do if there are particles in the air.

Over half my team has no idea what asbestos is.

I am going to take a construction one oh one course online.

And I learned a lot about myself and people today.

But I spent the morning weeding the carrot garden, because it was the only thing I wasn’t panicking about.

I am really getting to like the outdoors. I always knew I was a naturalist deep down inside.

I’ll take grubs and worms over manufactured particle dust anyday.

Horse trainer told me that my “calm and loving” energy coming off of me makes the horses feel comfortable, just as it makes human being feel comfortable.

Really nice compliment.

And funny to hear when I see myself as such an anxious person all the time. She tells me every week how much the students and horses like my calm energy.


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