Second revolution.

This is absolute shit, but I’m trying to see the good in it. And the good is it is teaching me how to have tough conversations. And address what I need to.

Direct communication and change.

Respect and Strength.

Listen and share. My strength, my intuition in the moment.

My growing point- organization and follow through. Don’t have to commit self to anything for life, but could really benefit from learning to commit to the completion of shorter term projects I really care about.

It gets easier with doing.

Life of bridging separation. Person and holistic world. Empowerment. Realizing ebing fearful and not wanting to encroach on another’s terrifoty is jst as bad as hating and avoiding those people. Fear in both inactions.

Take action. Be your feeling. Reach out and don’t be afraid to fall. Know you tried.

Volunteer with them- not for them.

Don’t be afraid to take volunteer help as well. Not above help. Can’t give help if you’re above being helped in return.

Cultural exchange and brdige of understanding. Main point. Never “saving” a certain person or people. Just helping them realize themselves, and realizing them as well. And them being able to open up the same realization in you, and learn from you.


We all save one another when we listen and share.

Banning microwaves from my life.

Here’s my to do list I scratched out while at work this morning:

-make dahl

-find rainjacket, hoodie, gloves, three pairs of tools from the community garden, alyssa’s hat.

-do laundry over on Sheba’s side of the house because ours is broken and flooding.

-write g, g, d letters with dre.

-podcasts world news download for work onto mp3 player

-drive slow fort bragg no alcohol at all weekend or rest of spike.

-recruit at jess’s coming event and at events this weekend.

-wildflower purpose. living and writing. adaptability and change- writing is the constant.

-no more microwaves.

-no one makes you feel anything

-surround self by people who have dreams of their own, and support your dreams as well as an individual.

-laa night teach d how to upload informal and tweets.

-list with syd assistant position, and alyssa ideas put into place.

-website for recruiting manual- demographics of local schools.

-direct when angry, constant practice.

-blog at lunch (sort of getting done…. ; ) )

-resumes all teammates



-diva cup ship

-s book for team

-can control everything with music. felt it all before. rise aboce. notes to journal after. paper and email. go over journal weekely.

-revolution with kyle “no”

(And there you have my thoughts from the morning. Those important enough to write onto the piece of cardboard lying next to me, at least.)

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