Change in Plans

Yesterday, we were all sitting the grass after lunch and musing about things that need to change. And things that just feel off with the team.

And then we all got up, and I found a fortune cookie fortune next to me in the grass– and I asked everyone on the team, and it was none of theirs. And then I read it, and it says:

“Be prepared for a sudden, needed, and happy change in plans”

Weird shit happening lately. Something is up but we can’t figure out what. Jess and I freaked out the night before it all fell into place, I’m pretty sure. And we will figure out with time what that is.

There are a few things I’m juggling right now— I’m supposed to facilitate my regular Thursday career planning night from 7-8. But we are supposed to have a peer counselor meeting tonight as well to talk about some things about the team at some point. And I have to sort that out with the peer counselors to get straight what’s going on tonight.

And then my friend from back in Sacramento is texting me, she’s had a bad day and things are rough on her end as well. Told her I’d talk in an hour, but just realizing now that that is smack in the middle of my career meeting.

There are three people in the living room having a Beyonce dance party, and Jess is in our room on her bed talking on the phone about Jimi Hendrix.

Earlier today I was weeding the wheat crops with Jess and Dre, and Jess was blasting her rap and rapping along. As she does a lot. And Sheba was giving Jess the stink eye the whole time. And Jess just hid behind the wheat and continued on singing the explicit lyrics.

During my career meetings we all talk about if we accomplished our goals from the last week, and what our goals for the next week will be concerning our future plans. I am also having my assistant leader position meeting with my counterpart at the career meeting, and then I am having my recruiter meeting there as well. I just figured I might as well get them all out of the way tonight, and they have been piling up for quite awhile.

I’m also trying to get my laundry done, but there is a lineup.

Drinking water, face is so dry. Not so sunburned this week, but just dry. Trying to stay hydrated.

At dinner tonight— spaghetti and homemade bread. I got in a fake argument with Tony and Jess over their use of the word “snacks,” and then Jess and Dre looked me up and down as I walked away. They have become fascinated by the way that I walk.

Carinne looks across the table at me during dinner– this is our daily ritual. She gets glazy eyed after the long day, and we just stare at one another with wonder at the lovely vegetarian food.

What a dramatic day.

Everyone is pissed. There are so many different things going on.

I can only think of one thing at once. But as soon as another thing is brought up, I become equally upset at that. It’s a continuing rotation of frustration and things to be talked about and done.

And my team leader has just been non-existent all day, and no one else is stepping up to confront things. So I’m here to do it.

Today is a day when growing happens.

When you think about it that way, it seems manageable.

Getting a headache– first one since I’ve been on the farm.

Need out of here for awhile.

That’s one of the things Jess and I talked about last night— how we’re getting a little bit crazy out here. It’s like everyone is falling for this hippie show, and we’re the only ones who can see the sky through the trees.

Things are changing.

Don’t know what yet, but know there will be changes.

Also, we think our room might be bugged.



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