Sharing Knowledge

The sunset tonight.

It’s like I can see every tree on the mountains separately, but I can also see the whole of what they all look like together.


Just having a science revelation recently.

Finally seeing the natural world as an intriguing being, instead of something to take for granted.

It’s not just because of California. California is beautiful, but so is pretty much everywhere else in the world, including my hometown.

But it’s taken years of moving for me to finally be able to see.

And I want to keep learning to see more, everywhere I go and with everyone I meet.

I also want to find myself, just like everyone else in the world.

And I’m uncovering a bit more of myself everyday.

Are you?

Nothing is ever without change. Make the changes today that you want to become tomorrow.

Jess and I recently realized that we have a lot of knowledge to share with one another.

We were listening to J. Cole this morning, and I commented on how cute he was. And she reminded me of what I said long ago, how I thought women spend too much time scoping out hot or not, and not enough time focusing on real conversational topics: politics, social change, power.

And so she reminded me of that. My valentine’s day present. And now we’re off to start helping to change and learn about the world.

I’m getting people’s personal international travel blog articles sent to my inbox daily, and we’re playing her music on the radio in the room. I’m mentioning when I read something interesting about the world and culture, and she’s mentioning when a song comes up that she has knowledge about in relationship to politics in America and understanding other cultures within the country.

We got this.

I’m going to stop being nostalgic about college, and make the world my campus. Let’s learn about everyone and everybody. And realize that everyone has something to teach you, you just have to follow your drive, and those with similar paths will be right there with you.

There is so much culture that coexist right next to me that I’ve never explored. It’s one thing to believe in equality academically. It’s another thing to actually take the time to understand other cultures and the art and magic produced that is completely unique to the people who make it.





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