Quince and Reiki

Started the morning early for pt. I walked out into in the living room at 6:30 am with my eyes barely able to stay open.

Then after our workout, I feel promptly right back asleep for an hour- until we left for work.

Before work everyday, at out house, we meet ten minutes early and all go around the circle and tell something we appreciate about one another, or a favorite quote for the day. It’s a nice time to finish our coffee, and have some warm fuzzy feelings.

Met at Rosie’s house for the morning, and sat on the couch with Tony, Alyssa and Rosie’s dog Pamona jumping all over our laps. We went around the circle and each told about our weekend.

Then Dre, George, Sheba and I volunteered ourselves to go outside this morning in the rain and prune trees.

We had to march to the kiwi greenhouse together and carry the ladder back.

Then we set up shop in the orchard with Tom.

Tom is 32 years old, and has lived his whole life in Northern California. He is the one who used to protest forest destruction by living in trees, he went to a super hippie college, and climbs to the top of the trees barefoot to prune them.

Today he was wearing a big beanie on his head– covering his red dreadlocks. He’s got a beard, and is almost seven feet tall and super agile like a money on the trees. He is very confident, and something about the way he talks and looks reminds me exactly of Noah from Sunflower house. He brings his dog Grif with him everywhere he goes, and we play fetch with the dog while we hold the ladders for our teammates in the trees.

George kept throwing Grif’s stick toward chickens, Grif almost knocking the chickens over as he ran.

Also, George commented on how much he liked it when the chickens laughed. We all laughed at this funny statement, but then really began listening to the chickens. And they do sound exactly like they are laughing. Tom said that they make that noise after they lay an egg.

Then, later in the morning I look down and the chickens are all surrounding my feet, and George is cracking up.

During our break, Tom shares a snack with us, and hands this flat, pink square wrapped in plastic to me- it looks just like an uncooked piece of meat.

But then he just pulls a chunk off the corner, and tells me to do the same. It’s quince paste, which is a Spanish treat made of quince fruit and sugar. The fruit is a relative of the pear family, and has a night floral aroma. Only after I begin eating it does he tell me that you have to cook the quince fruit a long time, or else it is toxic to eat.

Thankfully, to avoid panic, I go home and research. And find that the quince fruit is yellow, and when you cook it long enough it becomes pink.

Later in the morning, we take lunch, and then trek back up to work.

Except Jess and I lose track of time, and leave late. So we make an executive decision to take the golf cart, and then thirty seconds down the road realize that everyone wasn’t that far ahead of us. We pass them smiling and guilty, as we get in trouble with our team leader and our teammates give us playful dirty looks.

Up to Rosie’s to work for the afternoon, and I’m doing stenciling in the living room with Eric. Eric is from Petaluma, and is here to plan for the annual farmer’s guild party on Saturday which we will be helping out with in Petaluma. He’s got trendy wide frame glasses, and ginger hair. He’s trending a little more on the hipster side than most of the hippies here, and he’s got his shirt tucked in and his hair washed and shining. He gets really excited about things, when he’s not getting freaked out about things. He’s about 30 and is about twice as tall as me.

So he’s all busy and stressed on his laptop and his phone, and I’m just stenciling roosters on posters.

Such is life.

Rosie comes in, and has a meeting with Eric while I change projects, and am now replicating a picture of a one dollar bill on a poster, magnified for public visual consumption at the farmer’s party.

And so I spend an hour and a half drawing for the first time in years, and getting paid to do it. I listen to Rosie and Eric banter and make inside jokes about mutual friends. And Pamona comes and plays by my feet, and the cat called Mom comes in and lays on the couch.

An hour later, and I’m tackling George Washington’s face. Sydney walks in once I’ve got it pretty good, and tosses out the idea of a farmer’s hat on Washington. Rosie overhears this and thinks it’s a great idea, so I erase him and start again with a hat atop.

Mayhu walks in a little later, and tells me that George Washington has too big of a head for a fedora. And I say, how do I make a hat, Mayhu? And he gives me specific instructions on how to change it- widen the brim and stretch out the rest.

I did it after he left, and it worked great. I think I should pursue a career in cartoon design after today.

I don’t know if I’ve talked about Mayhu yet. He’s 27, and has lived all his life in the Willits area. He is a staple around the ranch, and is always ready to spend time with others. The first time he came over I asked him if he wanted tea, and then I made it, and then I walked away.

I’ve never really talked extensively to him, but he was the first person I met when we got here. I got out of the van and shook his hand.

He’s always barefoot. He’s got two dogs, and a girlfriend who is twice his age with kids. He’s blond and skinny, with a big blonde beard and usually some sort of overalls and a big sombrero hat.

Fallon came in the house to make dinner, and stopped to talk. Fallon is 22 and from New York, and came out here after making her way in Boulder and then Las Vegas. Her and Tony have a little thing going on, and she loves bugs and reading about compost and and doing compost.

Left, and said goodbye to everyone. Walking home I swallowed a bug and started coughing, and realized I had left my waterbottle there, so had to go back for it. Tom was so sweet, had it ready for me and told me to have a good night. I didn’t even know he knew my name. We should all give ourselves more credit for how much people notice us when we don’t realize it.

Went to dinner with Jess, and sat next to Peter and Terry for dinner. Found out that Peter is a massage therapist, and Terry is a Reiki master- certified energy healing professional. I didn’t know what Reiki was before dinner, but I learned what that was just like I learned what Quince was today. They said they combined their practices together for maximum effect, and would be happy to give us all a free session or two.

Now I’m home for the night, and going to read a book for awhile and do some journaling.

Dre’s reading in the room while I type- and he just exclaimed that the same bones that are in reptiles’ jaws are in our ears.


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