Dinner on a Commune

Wednesday: In Willits, at the public libarry. Had a recruiting event that turned out to be a really relaxing day. Got a lot of great ideas and direction will begin putting into practice- will write more about this later. Read the news for an hour and a half UNINTERRUPTED first time in four months. And read Ms. Magazine. Found all universities that offer dual J.D. and women’s studies M.A. programs. Dre and I had a quiet lovely library afternoon with friendly librarians stopping by occasionally.

This morning Alyssa, Jess and I pruned trees together. It’s supposed to rain six inches tomorrow, side note. Talked about our dreams- noticed the overlaps where we can help one another and inspired on another. Having a meeting soon about future plans with the team- thursday night future plans “support group” night. Morning- we had PT and we had music this time. Wonderful. Music changes everything.

For lunch today before we left for the library I fixed a broccoli, onion, garlic, egg and black bean burrito and fried it on the grilltop. With tea.

Panicked a bit driving into Willits for our event as we didn’t know exactly where we were going, and neither of us have smart phones. The town is in the middle of a busy highway and we got stuck going the wrong direction. Made it to the library on time, Dre went in and I took a call from administration back in Sac. They said that unfortunately they were not surprised by the issues we were having with a certain person, but they were very happy we had brought it up to them in such a mature and professional manner. They said it showed we cared about one another, and the program. Things will be happening soon, we don’t know what but now it is in their hands.

-The librarians here are from San Francisco and Canada. They offer tea for a dollar a cup.

Yesterday we shoveled horse shit, rabbit shit, chicken shit and cow shit out of truckbeds and onto beds of onions in the garden. We took a picture at the end of the day- all the girls head to to  in so many different animals’ poop.

Dinner was excellent last night We shared some of our wisdom with Peter after dinner, and he set up chairs and acted out a scene he is in for the Willits community theater production of Arsenic and Old Lace showing this week.

I cleaned up with G and Ryan after dinner. G always helps to clean up after dinner- he’s a lovable little shit sometimes.

And then we met as a team to put the final touches on our letter. We read it aloud, and all agreed to it.

Tony, Carrine and I stayed up late into the night finishing editing the paper, which included a thesis statement and all. Bringing it back to university late nights- we got a bowl of chocolate chips and devoured them late into the night as the rest of the team either fell asleep or broadcasted shady situations.

Then we woke everyone up to sign the paper, laid the signed paper on the ground and took a picture of it, and then attached the picture and the pdf and sent it off. There were so many things going on last night- and as we laid the paper on the ground to take a picture of it, G said it all seemed like a crime scene, documenting evidence.

After PT in the mornings I no longer fall asleep until leaving for work– I stay up and either go for a jog (which I probably will not do as often after wildlife stories) or else study Spanish and the news.


During lunch break and work and mornings and evenings this weekend half the team has been dancing all over everyone and everything. We are in such better moods, and it is quite obvious why.

Monday: Shown a video of the moutain lion caught last month in a trap in the orchard we work in half the week. Growling and huge- quite terrifying. Yesterday walking to work- huge pool of blood on the path in the morning- dried and unsettling walking by it again after lunch. Also told about bears roaming by the reservoir, and tales of problems with wild boards in the past.

Met the woofers, and helped Deb with dinner where I learned all about her community, structure and the history. Started as an antiwar church in the 40s, then own place in the 70s as members were thrown in jail for conscientious objection to the draft and the Vietnam war.

That night at dinner decided to talk to Terry who I’ve seen but have not really talked to. She was really open and friendly, they had just moved to the community in July. Her husband joined the table– they are from Happy Camp, California. But they realized at 60 that they weren’t doing what they loved or wanted to do- and so decided to start doing it all. He’s acting, she’s living in an intentional community, he’s skateboarding down the streets and she is meeting new people. It’s really cool, they are so inspiring, and encouraging us all to be fearless and chase our dreams. It’s never too late– they have completely turned their lives around at the age of 65.


Peter made us laugh so much, dinner and a show and dark humor. Made us all want to take on the world.

He said he wished he’d have a few years earlier, but he’s doing it now.

They’re both doing it really fucking well. Just the way they want to do it.

Do it.

: )



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