Twenty Pairs of Eyes

Wake up this morning to my blaring alarm clock, and my frantic jumping around and attempting to shut it off.

Then we go out into the living room for PT, where we watch a workout video and feel like we’ve become part of a bad 80’s flashback for an hour.

Then I go outside to get a real workout, and start off on a jog around the community.

Only to be faced by a herd of white deer right outside of our house.

I’ve got it in my mind to run, so I start out. Even though I have 20 pairs of eyes glued directly on mine, white heads following me like ghosts as I move past them. And then I realize, further on, is the male deer, with a big head of antlers.

I continue past, as he glares at me from 15 feet away. And I question what I know about deer. Can they be aggressive? The moose with his antlers is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. I quickly scan my options as I continue to run past him, and he turns his head to keep his bug eyes glued to mine. I realize I can try to jump on top of the horse trailer if it comes for me, but then I just turn my back and run.

They’re prey animals, so I can’t see them running after you. Correct me if my assumption is wrong, though, because those deer looked terrifying. I looked back after I had made it a few more blocks, and they all still had their heads turned in my direction, doing nothing but staring me down.

Then I passed a herd of brown deer in one of the horse pastures. And then I passed another group of white deer.

So many deer.



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