Calm after the Storm

Feel like a new person today. Really needed to have that breakdown yesterday. Never underestimate the healing powers of crying in public.

Today we pruned trees all day, started to get the hang of it by the end of the day.

Spent a good amount of time driving the golf cart around as well, I felt like an old cab driver from the 20s with my gloves on as I drove a tiny little car around the bumpy mountain hillside.

The golf cart had a tractor operation going on in the back, and we would pile it up with wood, navigate it through the orchard, and back to the wood pile where I would back it up, and then dump it with a switch.

Probably should do a tick check tonight, and every night from now on. A lot of branches falling over our heads. Lots of tree all over our bodies.

Got home from work today and was greeted at the front door by Ricky waiting with a platter of blueberry muffins. He’d also cleaned the house for us.

Tonight Dre, Jess and I had tea in our room. We were whispering and trying to keep our teaparty covert- it’s become this high society, A-lister thing. Only the quiet ones- it’s our time to let it all out. Where we don’t have to fight to get a word in. Secret undercover deal. Tony and Alyssa found us, but they are awesome, and secretly quiet people as well. So it was a nice contribution.Then Hunter came over and asked if it was cool if someone crashed on our couch tonight. We said yeah, that’s fine. So now we have one of his friends or family on our couch tonight.

Headed over to his place a little later with our tea kettle and posted up shop.

He was fixing authentic Mexican food. Sat down with Mayhu and Fallon, and we all ate chips with spicy chipotle cheese made by the farmer down the street.

Then I dipped out early and headed home.

Dre’s in our room chilling right now, listening to rap with Jess. I’m falling asleep.

Got a lot I want to do tomorrow.

Also, had our first house meeting today, which I facilitated. It was my first time doing something like that, and it actually went really well, and I feel like I actually have skills in that area. Interested in developing them. It’s all about the vibes, and keeping the ball moving. Efficiency.

I was also in charge all day today, because Sheba was sick. I really like leadership, actually.

Who knew?

Mountains in every direction.

Tea time with Jess and Dre for a little bit tonight.

We went up to Dre’s room because everyone is always crowding into Jess and I’s room. And Dre is up in the attic and no one is ever up there.

So we have a new tea hangout space.

Our conversations change dramatically when it’s just the three of us. Kindred spirits.


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