Morning Guests

Sometimes we sneak in the neighbors’ to use the bathroom. And they sneak in ours to borrow dishes.

Alarmed to wake up at four in the morning though to someone rummaging around loudly in our kitchen. I gave it a few minutes– it’s probably just someone up for a glass of water. But it continued to go on for the next ten to fifteen minutes, and I was curled up in my bed, pepper spray and flashlight in hand and ready to ninja kick someone if my door opened.

I thought about going out to check who was in our kitchen, but then I decided I didn’t want to know. That’s my new philosophy, what I don’t see can’t scare me. Like the little kid that pulls the blankets over her head to protect her from monsters.

We had to workout together at 6:30 this morning, and I asked everyone if they were up. They said no, and we all were sure someone from the community had just stopped by to fry up a few eggs in the middle of the night.

We ran up the hill to an old barn with Christmas lights. We sat in bat guano and did our stretches. Of course we sat in bat guano. What else would you expect.

We proceeded to do a ridiculously upbeat dance session in the dark hours of the early morning. And I just loved that, as you could imagine.

(Hint: I didn’t love it.)

Ran back home, and talking about how we need to let our neighbors know that we are only comfortable with them stopping in during the daylight hours, or when we are awake. And then Ricky, who has had headphones on all morning pipes up that he got a glass of water at four this morning. We all breathed a sigh of relief, and I went back to sleep for an hour.

When I woke up again, ten minutes before work, I made oatmeal and scarfed it down in early morning anger. So little patience for all the interactions. Then we were off to work.

The morning was alright, I started to realize that I am way too high strung right now, though. And it showed throughout the day.

I dug up grass from around the apple trees for four hours. Then walked home for lunch.

When we came back from lunch, the wild chickens were all around our bags and water bottles. Burrowing into the dirt and taking dirt baths just like the peacocks used to! So cute. Lovely.

Then I started to get a headache, and switched jobs to lopping blackberry bushes off the fence.

So thorny. So many thorns. So many thorns.

And it was hot out, but we had to wear sweatshirts to protect our arms.

And then later I wandered out and found the most peaceful outhouse ever- the front side open and looking out onto the river below.

Then Jess and I befriended a lovely tie-dyed cat who couldn’t stop rubbing her face up against our muddy pants and shoes. It was like a mini massage.

It was lovely, and I though– maybe this wasn’t such a crazy day.

Then I leaned my hand back and stuck it straight into a little pile of hot, wet chickenshit.

I just wiped it off on the patio and said fuck it.

Went to dig blackberry bushes out of the ground with Carinne and George. They were making up different lord of the flies scenarios, and figuring out how each member of our team would react in that environment. That was a really fun part of the day. Then we talked about lyme disease, black widows and brown recluses. Then I talked to X about literature, and I actually felt like it was a relatively easy conversation.

Washed out tools and headed out at 5:15, and then went up to join the community for dinner.

Delicious dinner, but I dipped out early to come back, shower, chill out a little bit.

So on edge. Not helping that it’s not fun work, but my attitude is also responsible for the outcome. So I need to reclaim that.


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