Hot Springs and Hot Tea

I’ve never been this deep into hippieville before.

I can honestly say that I’m here, people.

As many misgivings as I’ve had, or still have, this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I was thinking about that in the shower today. How I needed to get into the mindset again that everything is exactly as it should be. That everything is lined up to teach lessons in life- and the object of the game is to learn to your maximum benefit in every situation you are in.

And that’s what I signed up this year to do.

And I forgot how to do it for awhile.

But now I’ve remembered.

Know how?

I stayed home and wrote, cooked, cleaned and listened to music for three hours while everyone went to town.

And now half of us are visiting a nude hot springs for the day next weekend with our new hippie friend Fallon who camps and works on the farm.

Also, there’s a really cool pub in Willits (the only pub), and every Wednesday night they have open mic nights. Fallon says you have to show up at 4 in the afternoon to sign up, because it’s such a big deal. And big shot bluegrass musicians from all over the area show up and have a show down. Every week!

And literally everyone is smoking, or else using the plant as lip balm or something.  So many secrets that we don’t learn during our workday, but are learning from our hippie coworkers.

A lot of people in the area are WWOOFers, got a high population of hippie young people stopping through as they travel the world working on farms.

And I couldn’t ask for a better team. They are the most social and accepting people I’ve ever randomly been put together with. And we’re settling into our house together. And catching chickens and pruning trees and eating with intentional communities.

Fallon came in tonight to do her laundry in our house as we were making dinner. I offered her a cup of tea, and now here she is playing “Things” with the team in the living room and becoming part of the group three hours later.

Definitely need to keep boundaries, because we are not able to partake in the casual activities most of the people around here partake in. But then there is a lot of local knowledge we can learn from them, and they’re just so damn fun as well. It wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the people.

Also, found this really cool book: Foods that Heal. And really inspired to cook. We have such a nice kitchen, when no one is in it. I think I’m going to make it a point to get up early and cook.

And then across the street is a bio-intensive garden. I don’t know if I’ve written about this yet, but I will again just in case. Basically, it’s the coolest idea ever. It’s the exact area of ground calculated to feed one human for one whole year. All the food needed. All the variety and all of the components. And it supports itself because it rotates summer, fall, winter and spring crops. The crops from the previous season acting as fertilizer, etc.

Follow this link- this is their website, Ecology Action:

SO cool. And Fallon and Ruthie and Rachel have all eaten only what grows in that garden all year.

Completely proves that we don’t need GMOs, or pesticides. We just need to be smart with our food growing, and grow actual food for people to eat. Not GMO corn for animals to eat that shouldn’t actually be eating corn in their diet anyway.

Zero input garden. It completely sustains itself, and fertilizes and renews itself yearly. They pump water from the lake into it.

Carbon farming as well takes place, where they garden the soil and make sure it’s getting the nutrients it needs and is sustainable for production the next year again.

So recap:

Didn’t really have a weekend, but our evenings are so long and relaxing now that we have a real house.

I’ve posted up at the kitchen table the past few nights with my stack of shit to do, and my continuously refilled mug of tea.

Yesterday we trained to volunteer at the therapeutic horse ranch that is literally two minutes walking distance away. We got a lot of horse basics, but the interesting part is that we learned how to support people with different abilities on the horse. So our job will be “sidewalkers” as the people ride the horses, we’ll be holding onto them and making sure they are safe and feel comfortable.

Today we attended a pruning workshop with members from Mendocino county. There were at least three people barefoot in the building, as well as out in the field stepping through horse shit to get to the apple, pear, cherry and peach trees that we practiced on.

Got to love the courage of the barefoot hippies.

Lots of dredlocks, and some of the biggest beards I’ve ever seen in my life.

For lunch, one of the local farmers made a casserole, completely out of things from his own garden and farm. Bown rice, black beans, cheese, shredded squash. Then a delicious spicy red sauce atop.

They put squash in everything here. Must be a really good crop.

Had dinner with the intentional community again tonight. They have invited us to eat with them Sunday- Friday, every week.

Cooking has always been our biggest drama as a team. This isn’t helping us get better at fixing our problems long term, but short term this is a dream come true.

Starting to recognize people here. Honestly all the hippie ideas you’ve ever dreamed up or heard about: they exist right here in this county. They are all over. In everyone. Sometimes in the least expected places.

Enjoying it. Even if I still haven’t figured out a way to love physical labor.

We get to catch chickens as a chore in the mornings if we want to, though.

Maybe I’ll edge toward the chicken chores.


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