Glass milk jars and mason jar mugs.

Clothesline drying a hat and a

Plastic bag

Over the sink.

John walks in the house to borrow the dish tub.

You’re standing in the kitchen

In the dark

Like a child.

Can’t tell quite what

Is eating at you.

So many things

They all just quicken

Your breath

And tighten

Your chest.

So now you have your organic


With honey.

Music and a scarf.

And an quiet house

In the mountains

All to yourself

For the next few hours.

And you don’t know where

To begin.

Because there is so much

To tackle.

But the first,

The foremost,

The one that sits atop all other priorities like a snow cap

On your mountain,

Is patience.

Take a deep breath.

Worrying won’t do your situation or

Your body

Any good.

So watch the steam

Rise from your tea.

Did you actually do it?

Nothing is more important

In this moment

Than to watch the steam

Swirl out


From your newly acquired

speckled blue and white

handmedown mug

From a stranger.

Now feel the mug.

With one hand, then the other.

Feel how different parts of

Your hands react to the


Is it too hot?

Smell your tea.

Let it warm your nose.

Let the steam tickle your chin,

Your face.

Look at your tea

As the living, vibrant

Matter that it is.

How it follows the rules.

Gravity and shit like that.

Say hello to your tea

And thank it for being here today.

Then thank yourself

For being here today.

And taking the time

To be patient.

And to love yourself


Before letting anyone else.

To prioritize

And realize

That nothing is done well

Until your eyes

Are fully open.

Now John comes back in your house

Unannounced again,

Communal open door policies feel a

Luxury now.

And you smile.

In calm.

And he responds

With calm.

And you never see

One another again.

But you’ve shared patience.

You’ve shared the

Most important part of


Realizing that it will all come

To you

When you take a deep breath

And open your eyes.

We just got locked out of our bathroom.

And it’s full of shit.

And everyone has to shit.

So Jess took a roll of toilet paper in hand, and went knocking on the neighbor’s door.

“Can I use your bathroom? I brought my own.”

And now we’re invited to walk into our neighbor’s house anytime tonight and use their bathroom, until we get the door unlocked tomorrow.

And the hot neighbor is the one that came in to try and unlock it for us. Of course. And the girl who used it before it locked almost died.

He keeps coming in periodically. It’s crazy. I’m still getting used to it. No knocking on the door, just coming in to help after watching youtube videos on opening locked doors.

Our neighbor on the other side has his front door right in Jess and I’s window.

“So there’s a problem now. He’s seen me naked a few times. And I haven’t introduced myself to him yet. So now I don’t know what to do. Do I just  go up and introduce myself to him with or without clothes on?”

Jess and I are going to trade beds for the next couple nights. The problem with the cots is I can’t lay down on my side. They are made to sleep on your back, in a straight line. And I always curl up into the fetal position. That’s pretty impossible on them. You have to scrunch one leg all the way up to your shoulders, and the other straight to do fetal position.

Anyways. I decided to try sleeping straight on my back. And then I scared the hell out my myself when I woke myself up snoring.

“You sound like a pterodactyl!”

“These are not that dirty.” -Dre and his scarf and slippers.

“We still have the lights off.”

“The stars are nice.”


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