Everyone is going to Alaska.

It’s always on the radio.

And I just feel a calling.

It just keeps calling.


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‘Life carries on and on and on”


I took a few photos today.

We got to work to set up the festival. And I took a break an hour in and walked to South Falls to breathe. A few minutes later, as I’m about to walk back, Jess comes walking up through the mist as if it was a magical fairy tale. And she’s like, of course you’re here.


We’re usually on the same page. At least when it comes to running away.

Later she told me her favorite bird was the tit, because it’s called the tit. And then posed for a picture with children. She’s one of my favoties.

The festival was pretty typical. I spent the morning manning the swag table- at which a surprising number of people knew exactly what swag was. I figured it out as I went.

Swag is just long branches that can’t be used for wreathes, or when you don’t have the grapevine to form the wreath base- you make swag. It looks like a big broom of hemlock and fir branches with a bow atop it.

There is glitter all over our house from our day at work. Syd just went to the bathroom and peed pink glitter and confetti into the toilet.

Today I talked to a few people; they didn’t ask the usual questions of “where are you from” and “what are you doing here?”. They all thought we were locals. I found pleasure in acting like I was a local, and shaking my head when people said they were from Portland or Seattle. “I grew up in these woods, you know.”

Ate lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and they told me about their travels. They are in their late 70s, and still going on mission projects with international nondemoninational organizations doing service. They told me all about their travels and their work, and told me to never stop moving.

I also spent awhile talking to these middle aged women about their possessed cat. It was a really sad conversation actually, but they were laughing. They had the laughing eyes that said, “we want to get to know you so we are laughing over things that are not really funny to break the ice and get you to turn your head this way and join our conversation.” Super cute and funny.

“Me? You want to talk to bedhead ME?”

On that note, I woke up at 8:19 to Clint standing over my sleeping bag and saying my name. When I finally came to consciousness I screamed. I only scream when people I know well wake me up.

I got ready in five minutes, and frantically searched for my name tag and festivities hat. I didn’t find either, but Tony came running in a few minutes later, as I’m the only one left in the house, and tells me he has my name tag. He took it last night thinking it would be funny to wear today and be me. He really didn’t think I would give a shit about finding it this morning, as I usually don’t ever have any of the necessary supplies for work on my person and don’t care.

But I cared today.

“Isn’t it possible to wear a shirt?” -Shawniece to Alex as he sweeps the floor of glitter

Last night we did laundry, and when we got home I dumped all of my clothes on top of my sleeping bag. I immediately collapsed on top of them, and was about to fall asleep. Clint came over and laughed at me, poking fun at how messy I am.

It is really funny, because I am in the center of the room, I have so much more room to spread my shit out than everyone else, who is lined up against the wall like sardines.

But anyway, he bet me that I wouldn’t get it put away last night. I was like, nah man, I got this.

They are still here 24 hours later, and I’m just sitting atop them typing about my life.

I love it.

Last night after we got back, Dre was in a mood, and was on a mission to watch the Grinch. And no one wanted to watch it with him. And he was knocking on the girl’s bathroom to find the movie at one point.

Finally he got ahold of it and started watching it, and then I jumped on his sleeping bag with him and joined. Then Jess, Tony, Alyssa and Chris joined and we made a nice little cuddle puddle.

And then halfway through the 30 minute movie I lost all interest and had to leave. And they wouldn’t let me. And I told them I was just going to the bathroom and then never came back. As I was falling asleep I heard them talking about me- how I could never sit in one place for long. They were saying some funny shit and I was giggling to myself in my sleeping bag as I fell asleep.

This morning, someone’s alarm went off for 10 minutes at 4 am. And then for another 10 minutes at 4:20, and so one. And I was the only one mad about it, and yelling into the darkness, “TURN IT OFF. WHOSE ALARM IS THAT?”

Finally Chris woke up and turned it off. And then at least 7 other people’s alarms went off between the hours of 5 and 6:30. I have no idea what I’ll be like as a person when I actually get the space to sleep again.

I love it.


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