Magic Circle

So happy to be alive.

Never take that for granted.

Always be respectful with what you’re given.

Jess and I sitting in the “Beanerie” window and checking out dreadlocks, flannel and noserings.

“We’re so creepy.”

“Let’s go meet people.”

We are now at a coffee/whiskey bar in the middle of the day in downtown Salem, Oregon among some of the all star players of the American hipster game.

I am absolutely in love.

In love in love in love with everything and everyone and expensive world tea seeped and served on blocks of wood.


I love this so much more than bigfoot. I’m sorry wilderness, I love you. But I love the people so much more.



Later, Jess and I got dropped off in Silverton on the way home. We met Nicolas at a bar, and we sat down and had a beer together. Then we met two other guys sitting at the table next to us. We ended up talking about the recent racial tensions, and getting a bit worked up.

Jess, Nik and I went on a little night hike, and then he dropped us back off at the cabin.

When Jess and I got back we immediately jumped on Dre’s bed, and were being all around ridiculous. We all ended up pulling our sleeping mats together and having a little sleepover.

I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen and made a nutella wrap. And then I put on my headphones, ran laps around the kitchen table, and then started dancing.

I realized I really need to go jogging today.

Weird, weird night.

Started missing people I haven’t thought about in years. I knew everything would be better in the morning, but I had the craziest rush of emotions last night.

Nik gave Jess and I so many compliments last night, and just thought we were the coolest girls ever. He was pretty cool himself, and had all of these worldly stories and travels to share.

For another time.

This morning I woke up around noon to Carinne spooning me. I have started sleeping with earplugs in, and it works like magic.

Sitting around the fire eating oatmeal and drinking coffee, Alyssa wants to talk about future plans, and that’s my job for the year.

So we talk about it- she wants to audition for the voice in LA in January, and we might all go to support her.

Encourage her to practice singing, and Jess, Chris Alyssa and I walk outside into the beautiful day and hike to the outside auditorium with tree stumps in a circle, and a big tree to stand atop.

Alyssa goes to the top of the tree, and it’s silence. All we can hear are the birds chirping and the trees swaying slightly.

She begins to sing, and it begins to rain. The trees above keeping rhythm with her voice, and the birds adding a background buzz.

It was absolutely beautiful.

I told her, just like I take out my notebook and jot things done while I’m talking to people, she should feel free to sing whenever she wants.

We all need to tap into what de stresses us.

Whenever we can.

So we’re going to have talent show out there, some night when it is not raining. As our last time together with both teams.

Our van just broke down and got towed off in Silverton at 7 pm tonight. Right before we start our workweek tomorrow.

Jess, Dre and I are having our tea night tonight.

People come and go.

Some are like cigarette breaks, and some are like wildfires.

Pizzaria in Salem, OR

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