Willits, California is where Erin Brockovich participated in the lawsuit for Willits citizens against the Whitman Corporation. Dumping has been reporting at twenty sites in the city.

I don’t really want to eat anything locally grown in that area. At all.

But I would like to take on Pepsi Co. and other big corporations with the citizens.


And who knew Erin Brockovich is from Lawrence, Kansas and went to college in Manhattan at K-State?

Came out of the bathroom tonight to Carinne and Jess asking for a spooning session. So we all got on Jess’s bed, and then Alyssa and Mackenzie jumped on top of us. We laid there for a good five minutes or so, until my ribs felt like they were crushing.

Willits is also where Seabiscuit is from.

Half of the team is playing clue- the other half is watching Workaholics. Someone just opened a tupperware container of rotten food and someone else just threw up.

I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day. I took my little birdbath in the sink and put on deodorant.

Goodnight. x



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