Broccoli and Beans

Last night our water pressure broke.

We had inspections today, so we had to do all the dishes in the house and clean the place with a dribble of water coming out of the faucets.

We couldn’t flush the toilets. So we had to use our toilets like a porta potty. This morning we were not allowed to use the toilets at all, as a few people flushed them out with buckets of water. And then we had to wait two hours to use the toilet until we got to work. Something to write home about.

Right now I am sitting around a fire eating beans and rice and blogging. I feel so much better today. Yesterday I was exhausted, and had to get my zen book out and read it in the evening. A little while later my reading turned into a cuddle puddle and we used each other’s body heat to keep warm.

Also, I’m pretty sure three or four people on my team have fleas.

We’re working inside today, it’s raining pretty constantly out. We have had a fire in every room that we have been in, everyday for the past month. Getting down with the fires. We will be working in Silver Falls from now on, so I will only get phone reception on the weekends when we leave the park.

Which is kind of cool. I am beginning to love being off the grid.

Today my team leader is in a bunch of meetings, so they elected me to be the leader for the afternoon. Feels pretty good, and is coming easier than I ever thought it would come in my life.

We are  currently clipping fir trees for making wreaths during the Christmas festival next weekend. They said there will probably be about 5,000 people, and there are about 10 different craft stations that we will be helping to station.

Last night we had a practice festival and pot luck dinner, and we met all the rangers and their families. Me, Clint and Jess were in charge of making snowflakes. Funny, funny interactions with the public that I will not recount here.


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